Sifu – How To Get The Secret Ending And Achieve Wude

So you've just mastered Sifu, managed to beat all five of its bosses in one life, and came away with a pretty downer ending. Don't worry, this is far from the end – you've got to do it all over again.

Once you've achieved your life's work and got revenge against those who killed your father, you're given a small tip. That tip is an item that comes with a quote, "He who has Kung-Fu and Wude, makes the other know he can break him. And the other doesn't want to fight anymore. This is Wude."

Although this isn't immediately obvious, this is actually hinting at the game's true ending and how to achieve it. To do so, you're going to need to collect four different talismans of Wuxing and achieve Wude.

How To Collect The Four Talismans Of Wuxing In Sifu

Although Sifu isn't upfront about this, it's actually hinting at how to attain the game's true ending. You need to go back through the whole game again, reach every boss, and defeat them once more. However, this time you're going to want to break down their resolve and then choose to spare them instead of killing them, which will give you their talisman and put you one step closer to achieving Wude.

There are a few rules to this. For starters, you need to get the boss down to their second phase, which is usually when they're more difficult and have a few elemental rules. In this stage, you're going to need to break down their resolve meter, which means you don't want to be damaging them much at all, and instead want to be parrying their attacks and dodging whenever possible.

As you can probably imagine, this makes the whole game a lot harder, as you can't rely on focus moves and sweep combos and now have to commit to parrying and dodging, essentially playing a pacifist. However, you can hit them a bit and cause some damage, it's just very limited. Once you break their resolve, you'll see the "Spare" dialogue option pop up. Take it before they regain their health.

It's also important to remember that you don't need to do this all in one go. You can finish a boss, teleport to a previous level to regain your earliest age, and then go back to the level with the age you started it as. It'll still count the talisman as collected. You also only need to be a pacifist for the final boss, so do whatever you please with the rest of the enemies.

How To Unlock The Secret Ending In Sifu

Once you've beaten four of the five bosses, but chose to spare them, go back to the final boss. You'll see the walls light up in his sanctuary before you meet him, which is proof that you've got the talismans. Take him on in the same way, parrying and dodging his attacks as much as possible.

Keep going until the second phase, where you'll get the choice to spare him. Doing so will put you in a final fight where you need to get his health down once more, although you don't have health yourself and it's more for cinematic purposes. The true ending will see your character finally achieving Wude and passing away, leaving his medallion to Yang, who is shown to teach kung fu once more and seems to have held onto your medallion.

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