Skate 4 To Be Revealed Next Month, According To Insider

Skate 4 is pretty much an open secret at this point, after leaked footage from internal playtesting made the rounds on social media earlier this year. However, EA might finally be ready to officially show off the next game in the Skate series as early as next month, according to industry insider Tom Henderson.

In an article for Try Hard Guides, Henderson claims that EA will show off Skate 4 – which looks to be a soft reboot called Skate – in July, although doesn't mention an exact date. Henderson also claims that EA will reveal in-game footage and that journalists and Skate content creators will be able to go hands-on and give first impressions. He also explains that the recently leaked footage may have been from some time ago and that the game has undergone extensive playtesting since.

Henderson doesn't mention when this new Skate game might launch, but you may recall earlier this year that EA revealed plans to release several unannounced titles before the end of the current fiscal year. That means between now and April 2023, EA expects to release several new games, two of which are now confirmed to be Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and the Dead Space remake which will both launch in Early 2023. EA also plans to release a "Major IP" in the next year, and a new Skate game would certainly fit the bill.

It's worth keeping a pinch of salt handy about this possible reveal as none of this has actually been confirmed as of yet. However, Henderson is one of the industry's more reliable insiders, so it's unlikely Skate doesn't make an appearance next month.

We actually know a fair bit about the game thanks to another leaker – Jeff Grubb. According to him, this new Skate game will allow players to create their own skateparks with other online players in real-time, letting friends try out tricks on the fly. Pretty exciting stuff, and if Henderson and his sources are accurate, it won't be too long before we see it for ourselves.

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