Skull & Bones Coming November 8 According To Leak

Evidence is mounting for Skull & Bones imminent arrival. Earlier this week, the ESRB gave Skull & Bones an “M for Mature” rating thanks to blood, drugs, violence, and suggestive themes. That follows both Australia and Brazil, which gave the game similar ratings. A pirate’s life evidently isn’t for kids.

Then there was the report from professional leaker Tom Henderson who said that Ubisoft would re-reveal Skull & Bones in early July. That sounds like a good idea given how the game’s been in development for eight years, first as an Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag spinoff, and then as its own game.

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Today, we have a new leak that says we won’t have to wait too long for Skull & Bones’ arrival. Xbox store watcher Aggiornamenti Lumia first tweeted November 8 as the game’s release date on Microsoft’s internal database, which was then given the coveted green checkmark by Henderson.

We might not have to wait long for this November 8 date to be confirmed. According to Henderson, Ubisoft’s re-reveal of Skull & Bones will come on July 4.

Eight years isn't quite the longest development cycle we've ever heard of, but it was certainly long enough for us to question the game's existence. Things seemed especially bleak for Skull & Bones after reports surfaced in 2020 that the game was being rebooted, and then another in 2021 stating that the only reason Skull & Bones was still in development at all was because of a deal with the Singaporean government.

Alpha footage revealed in April confirmed that Skull & Bones was indeed real and was close to being a finished game. The footage showcased Skull & Bones’ early moments with a tutorial that explained the game’s mechanics. It’s been a long time since Assassin’s Creed 4, so fans will likely need a refresher on ship-to-ship combat. There’s also a crafting system, crew morale, and reputation system to take on more dangerous jobs for even bigger and better ships.

In other Ubisoft news, CEO Yves Guillemot is taking a 30 percent pay cut because of a slow release schedule and lack of recent hits. Let's hope Skull & Bones turns things around for him.

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