Skyrim Mod Make Bandits More Eloquent

"Prepare to die!", screams one bandit. "I'll mount your head on my wall!", threatens another. I dread to think how many times we've all heard these voice lines before. The Elder Scrolls games can feel alive at times, but it's often the enemies and other NPCs that break the illusion, with their handful of voice actors and repeated dialogue.

Thankfully, a Skyrim modder has come to the rescue once again. The Bandit Lines Expansion mod gives these common enemies much more personality, with 500 new voice lines. Adding to the immersion, many voice lines are specific to the player character's race, and even your personal wealth or whatever items you have on you.

The hundreds of new lines shouldn't sound too out of place, as they're created using existing Skyrim dialogue (thanks, PC Gamer). The mod's creator, JaySerpa, says that the kind of conversations you'll hear both in and out of combat should show a more "humane" side of the bandits – well, sometimes, at least.

You can see some of what the mod adds in the video below. However, JaySerpa says that it should be integrated so seamlessly that you don't actually realize it's the mod doing it.

"Bandits might react differently when aiming a bow or sneaking near their camps", reads the mod's description. "They might comment on your weapon, your armor, the material of your weapon, your gold, your sex, your race, time of day of the encounter, the location, your level, they might react to you using shouts, also to you killing their allies mid-combat… and the list goes on!"

Looking at the examples given in the description, some of them are straight-up sad. "It's true. I've killed more than I care to admit. But I needed the gold. What else can a dunmer do out here?" Aw man, please don't attack me for no reason. I don't want to fight anymore.

Bandit Lines Expansion is available to download on NexusMods now, having been shared last week.

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