Skyrim Multiplayer Mod Revamp Coming July 8

Skyrim Together, the popular Skyrim mod that adds co-op multiplayer to the RPG, is about to get some big changes. On July 8, the folks behind the mod are releasing the Skyrim Together Reborn mod that corrects several issues fans have had with the original version. This includes correcting sync issues, different form support, and respawn problems.

Over on Reddit, the folks behind the mod shared an update to fans. They noted that after a rather lengthy development process, Skyrim Together Reborn is finally ready to release. On July 8, the mod will go live over on Nexus mods for players to download and enjoy. While it was initially going to be just a beta release, the creative team was able to make needed improvements to allow for a full version 1.0 release.

The updated version will be fully open source, allowing new contributors to come in and help build upon Skyrim Together Reborn. Among the features available in the mod, players will gain fully synced NPCs, quests, dialogue, horses, lockpicking, items, and more. However, synced weather and player waypoints will not be ready for this version. However, the team behind the mod assures players that these are coming in future updates.

Different forms like werewolf and vampire will also be supported in the multiplayer mod. Plus, when a player dies, the mod will no longer reload an old save. Now, players will respawn near where they perished.

Of course, the mod will not be perfect at release. Players may face some occasional crashes, a few quests that break, or general bugs that mods sometimes have. After all, turning a singleplayer game into a workable co-op RPG is no easy feat. Still, the ability to play Bethesda’s popular RPG in a fleshed out multiplayer mode is impressive, bugs and all.

Unfortunately, as the team works on launching Reborn, they will have less time to work on other projects. As such, the Fallout Together mod which adds multiplayer to the game is currently on hold.

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