Skyrim: No Stone Unturned, A Step By Step Quest Guide

Skyrim: it’s practically a rite of passage for every gamer out there, especially those who love open-world and fighting adventures. The sheer abundance of activities, whether they be romance, crime, or building a home, provides the sort of variety that is irresistibly attractive to players. One aspect in particular that really sells Bethesda’s favorite child is the number of quests to complete. There are over 250 unique quests that players can pour plenty of hours into, but perhaps the most infamous is No Stone Unturned, which is as extensive as the name suggests.

No Stone Unturned starts whenever the player finds an Unusual Gem, which is actually a Stone of Barenziah. Vex of The Thieves’ Guild will inform you of the existence of 23 other Stones of Barenziah, and that the entire collection would be worth a small fortune.  Having all 24 will allow the player to access the Crown of Barenziah in Tolvald’s Crossing and set the gems in their rightful place.

Barenziah’s Crown can’t be kept (it will be on display in the Cistern) but the player will receive the active effect Prowler’s Profit, which increases the chance of finding more gems in chests. If you’re prepared to do some serious collecting, read below to find out where all the Stones are.

8 Eastmarch

Eastmarch’s most notable place of interest is the city of Windhelm, where Ulfric Stormcloak reigns as the Jarl. His beliefs would be more worth considering if they weren’t so exclusionary of all other races. Unfortunately, the Dark Elves residing in Windhelm are treated terribly.

Ansilvund: This Stone of Barenziah resides in one of Skyrim’s many dungeons, specifically near Holgeir and Fjori inside the burial chambers of Ansilvund.

Stony Creek Cave: North of Ansilvund, this cave is can be found by a pond and is inhabited by bandits, as well as a Stone.

Windhelm: The first stone in Windhelm is in the House of Clan Shatter-Shield. Go upstairs and the Stone will be in the first bedroom on your left.

Windhelm: The second Stone of Windhelm is in the Palace of the Kings. Once upstairs, find Wuunferth the Unliving’s quarters at the end of the hall.

7 Falkreath

Among its other wonderful qualities, Falkreath has a striking coat of arms, a deer’s head with intricate antlers. It’s also home to the destroyed settlement of Helgen and the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary: Can be found in Astrid’s room during either quest “With Friends Like These…” or “Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!”

Pinewatch: The Bandit’s Sanctuary of Pinewatch holds a Stone to collect, behind a locked door on a shelf.

Sunderstone Gorge: This Stone is right at the end of the cave dungeon, near the Word Wall, killing two birds with one… stone.

6 Haafinger

Haafinger is home to the grand city of Solitude, where the Dragonborn can join the Imperial Legion, but there’s plenty to see and do besides go to war. The Blue Palace is great for tours, especially for sticky-fingered Dragonborns.

Dainty Sload: This a boat that resides just outside Solitude. You’ll find the Stone in the Captain’s Quarters.

Reeking Cave: This cave is right underneath the Thalmor Embassy. If you don’t grab the Stone in the embassy during the “Diplomatic Immunity” quest, it will be in the cave next to a deceased Conjurer.

Solitude: This first Stone is in the Blue Palace. Go to Jarl Elisif’s quarters when empty and grab it from the bedside table.

Solitude: This one is a pain to get since it requires purchasing Proudspire Manor (a price tag of 25,000 gold). Once you do buy it, it will be in the master bedroom.

5 Hjaalmarch

The capital of Hjaalmarch is Morthal, but you won’t find any Stones there. You’ll have to head to a specific ruin that resides in the hold for your quest.

Rannveig’s Fast: This Stone is in the prison of Rannveig’s Fast, which can be entered through the tunnels or using a trapdoor that’s in front of the Word Wall.

4 The Reach

The Dwemer city of Markarth is quite the sight to see with its impossibly tall buildings, but be on guard during your stay: The Forsworn can make it dangerous to visit The Reach.

Dead Crone Rock: Also found near the Word Wall, which is at the top of the last tower.

Markarth: Found in the master bedroom of the Treasury House, which just makes sense.

Understone Keep: The Dwemer Museum has this one locked up behind a gate. You’ll find it on the left side of the Museum.

3 The Rift

The Rift is home to the bustling crime city of Riften, where The Thieves’ Guild runs freely as Skyrim’s mafia-equivalent. You’ll fit right in snatching Barenziah’s Stones up.

Black-Briar Lodge: Again, many folks seem to keep their Stones on display in their master bedrooms. Easier for us to nab!

Mistveil Keep: This one’s in the Jarl’s Chambers, again, in the master bedroom.

2 Whiterun

Whiterun is often the first major town players will encounter if they are playing through the game’s main story, and it’s also one of the easiest to become Thane of — it also has some very affordable property if you’re in need of a home.

Dragonsreach: In the Jarl’s Quarters, specifically the Jarl’s Chambers. Classic.

Fellglow Keep: An old ruined fort that has plenty to salvage. The Stone can be found in the “busy room” that has an Anvil, Alchemy Lab, Workbench, and Arcane Enchanter.

Jorrvaskr: In the living quarters, find Kodlak Whitemane’s bedroom and steal the Stone.

Whiterun Hall of the Dead: Not cryptic, but found in a crypt. Take the first left, then a right, then go down the ramp and check to your left.

1 Winterhold

Winterhold was much more bustling as the capital of Skyrim, but that was before The Great Collapse. Nowadays its only notable attraction is the College of Winterhold for Magicka study.

College of Winterhold: The Arch-Mage’s Quarters has the Stone you seek. This is during the “Under Saarthal” quest, the second in the College’s line of quests. Additionally, you can become the Arch-Mage, too.

Hob’s Fall Cave: After you cross this cave’s bridge, go to the left and find an alchemy bench. The Stone will be nearby.

Yngvild: You’ll have to go all the way to the Throne Room for this one. It’s on the desk where the Arondil’s final journal resides.

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