Slashing Simulator Codes For July 2022

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Slashing Simulator is one of our favorite Roblox games. Slash your way through all sorts of enemies and NPCs to level up your abilities and earn new swords. On the way, collect pets, new cosmetics, and get free boosts with this list of codes! Hit the link above or scroll down to get right to the latest codes.

All Slashing Simulator Codes

  • Woohoo145k – free boosts (NEW CODE)
  • BeachTime – Free Beachball pet – super OP
  • Woohoo100k – free boosters
  • Woohoo80k – free boosters
  • woohoo70k – get a free spider pet
  • EnjoyTheGame – three-hour long boosters
  • ThankYou45K – one hour boost
  • TradingGG – get some free rewards
  • COINB – double coin boost
  • ILoveAllBoosters – mega boost
  • world3 – double XP for three hours
  • IamHungry – free egg!
  • 17klikesty – click boost
  • 15klikesty – click boost

These are all the working codes for Slashing Simulator in June 2022! We check these regularly and update the list with new codes when they appear.

Remember, all Roblox codes are case-sensitive – this means you need to enter them exactly as you see them above! All capital letters and numbers matter. You can just copy and paste them to make it easier.

Expired Codes

  • ISeeUpsideDown
  • Goodsidereturns
  • Badsidereturns
  • IFeelStrong
  • BadSide
  • GoodSide
  • BoostMeUp
  • GetMeSomeCoins
  • HappyNewYear!
  • questss
  • 100k

How To Redeem Codes In Slashing Simulator

It's easy to redeem codes in Slashing Simulator – here's how!

  • Load up the game
  • Hit the Twitter icon (that little blue bird) on the bottom menu
  • Enter the code
  • Click the redeem button
  • Enjoy!

If your code does not work it's likely you've not entered it correctly, or it is expired. You can only redeem Roblox codes a single time.

What Is Slashing Simulator?

Slashing Simulator is a very simple game. You start out with a wooden sword and a dream. Bash some dummies over the head and level up your sword over time, basically by clicking as much as you can. Sell your coins, buy new swords, unlock new areas…you've played games just like this before. Eventually, you'll get some really powerful pets that help you deal even more damage, or you can use the codes above to unlock free goodies to give you a head start on the competition.

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