Sniper Elite 5 Launches Landing Force With Map Inspired By The Guns Of Navarone

Sniper Elite 5 just got its first round of season pass content, including a brand-new mission, two new weapons, and a free multiplayer map that everyone can enjoy.

The free multiplayer map is called Flooded Village, and it's available in all multiplayer game modes. Inspired by the Normandy landings where the Nazis deliberately flooded villages by opening locks and breaching sea walls, the new map offers tons of wide open spaces covered in water that slows player movement–the perfect place for snipers to set traps.

While Flooded Village is free to all Sniper Elite 5 owners, the new Landing Force mission will require a separate purchase or for players to have already bought Season Pass One. Landing Force sends our noble hero Karl Fairburne to a French resort that’s been turned into a Nazi coastal defense battery. Fairburne’s mission is to silence the massive cannons that jut from the side of the island’s mountain. Developer Rebellion admits Landing Force is more than a little inspired by the classic WW2 film "The Guns of Navarone."

The new mission also comes alongside two new guns. The DL Carbine is a very quiet sniper rifle that uses subsonic ammunition and an integrated suppressor to allow for silent killings at range. Meanwhile, the PPSH is a Russian submachine gun nicknamed the “burp fun” both for its strange firing noise and for the fact it empties its magazine in about as much time as it takes to belch. You’ll want to find the PPSH’s 71-round magazine at a workbench as soon as possible.

Update 1.21 also comes with a few new features. The new Shooting Range can be accessed from the main menu and lets players test out their arsenal, and there’s a new vote-kick system in multiplayer matches. Players can also invite friends to invade them for a little extra challenge. You can read the full list of features and fixes in the patch notes here.

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