Snoop Dogg and 19 Crimes Create AR Wine ‘Snoop Cali Red’

Wine brand 19 Crimes is well-known for its use of augmented reality (AR) tech with its Living Wine Labels, bringing its bottles to life with infamous historical outlaws. This week has seen a change in that method, teaming up with Hip-Hop icon Snoop Dogg on new wine, Snoop Cali Red.

Once again teaming up with innovation studio Tactic – the team behind a multitude of VR/AR brand experiences – 19 Crimes collaborated with agency Cashmere to get the famous artist on board, using photographs to create a virtual CGI avatar of him.

“The big idea was actually moving from historic figures – Irish convicts that were banished to Australia – to a contemporary personality,” said John Wardley, 19 Crimes Marketing Vice President in a statement. “This came straight out of the brand values – anti-authority/rule-breaking/culture creation and redemption. We realized these values are timeless and when we put a contemporary lens on them, the first person we thought of was Snoop. So, we were determined to get a partnership with him. Fortunately, Snoop also liked the 19 Crimes brand, and respected that we were the very first wine to bring the label to life through augmented reality. The idea of Cali Red was born – 19 Crimes’ first California-sourced wine with a true California icon front and center on the label.”

The first Californian wine 19 Crimes has created, they needed to incorporate Snoop’s voice, look, tone, style to ensure an authentic animation: “19 Crimes worked with Cashmere to draft a script that felt authentic to Snoop and that aligned with the brand goals,” explains Tactic President Peter Oberdorfer. “But once they got in the recording booth, it was all Snoop. He was happy to ad-lib, and those takes really made the experience.”

Just like 19 Crimes’ other bottles, to unlock the Snoop Cali Red AR experience you’ll need to download the free Living Wine Label app for iOS and Android devices and then scan the label. The wine is currently available at select locations in the US.

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