Sojourn’s Cyber Detective Skin Removed From Overwatch 2 For Making Her Invisible

Overwatch 2's latest update has introduced a new game mode, collectables, and of course, no shortage of issues. Due to this, Blizzard has removed an old Sojourn skin from the game, as it was apparently causing players to turn invisible in matches.

Until a fix is rolled out, players won't be able to use or buy Sojourn's Cyber Detective skin. This comes after it was found to make the Damage hero "disappear", giving her an obvious advantage in matches. The removal has frustrated players who had purchased the skin in a $22 bundle back in the first season of Overwatch 2, especially since there's no word on when it will be back.

"There’s a bug with Sojourn’s Cyber Detective skin [that] is causing her to disappear," reads Blizzard's latest list of known bugs. "We’re disabling this skin until the issue is resolved."

It's not clear when it will be back, so those who forked over $22 to get it in season one may have to go without for a while. At the very least, it doesn't seem that the glitch is affecting other skins, meaning Sojourn will be able to stay on the roster. This is a fair bit better than what Mei, Torbjorn and Bastion mains had to put up with, having their favourite Heroes removed from the game for two weeks.

Thankfully, the latest update introduced more than just some new bugs. A new game mode, Battle for Olympus is also available, although the challenges it has you complete are pretty ridiculous. But even if you're sticking to usual game modes, the update also buffed Moira, Junker Queen, Brigitte and Zarya, as the devs continue to try and balance the roster.

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