Someone Calculated The Height Of Elden Ring’s Erdtree And It’s Massive

Right from the first moment you step above ground in Elden Ring, you can't miss the massive glowing tree in the distance. The Erdtree, as it's called, doesn't look too far, but once you've made a bit of progress through the game, you'll realise that that the tree isn't actually close, it's just really, really big. But that's not enough for some people, they need to know exactly how tall the tree is – and who better to answer that for them than FromSoftware extraordinaire, Zullie the Witch.

As spotted by PC Gamer, Zullie recently put up a video on their channel that focussed on calculating how tall the Erdtree is. In the video Zullie explained that the trunk of the tree actually continues for quite a distance underground. Secondly, the trunk is cut off at the top, but the Erdtree's branches form a natural crown at the top. "This is fairly common in FromSoftware games, with distant scenery being adjusted for artistic license," they explained.

So if we were to measure the complete model of the Erdtree, from the trunk below ground to the highest branch, it's 5,048 meters tall or 16,562 feet tall. However, if we were to measure it from ground level, the Erdtree is 4,454 meters or 14,606 feet tall. PC Gamer notes that the full model height is taller than Mont Blac, the highest peak in the alps, standing at 4,808 meters, or 15,773 feet.

This isn't the only interesting fact about Elden Ring that Zullie the Witch has been able to uncover. A recent video of theirs suggested that among the many secrets in the latest FromSoftware game, is one that's connected to Dark Souls 3. Apparently, the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss, found on Mt. Gelmir is actually the missing SnakeSoul boss that was supposed to be in Dark Souls 3.

Zullie found this out via FromSoftware’s AI description of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit. The canceled boss even appeared on the very first leaked image, but never showed up in the game itself. And besides that, ther Elden Ring boss also looks quite like SnakeSoul from the leaked image.

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