Someone Has Already Turned Elden Ring Into A PS1 Game

Bloodborne isn't on PC, but the FromSoftware classic earned the attentions of a certain Lilith Walther who remade the first area of the PS4 original to look like a PS1-style game. Recently, the latest game from the acclaimed Japanese developer has also been "de-made" with similar old-school visuals.

Bloodborne PSX took Walther 13 months to create, and the totally free demake includes extremely basic textures and character models as well as a 4:3 aspect ratio. It was an impressive achievement that even inspired speedrunners to get through the CRT-look and 20fps of Bloodborne PSX. Now, another FromSoft title has received the demake treatment, giving the next-gen game a beautifully retro aesthetic appeal, and nostalgic vibes that might pull on the heart strings of older gamers.

Elden Ring, the first fully open-world FromSoft title, has launched to absolutely rave reviews, with critics astonished at the scale of Hidetaka Miyazaki's achievement. Our own Jade King said it was a "modern masterpiece that surpasses all expectations" and awarded it five out five. But of course everyone, and I mean everyone, was wondering what Elden Ring would look like as a PlayStation one game.

Fear not, for London-based 3D artist and VFX supervisor Hoolopee has added Elden Ring to the growing list of de-made games. Hoolopee spent a month putting together a PS1-style version of Elden Ring's trailer. The 3D and VFX artist has form in the de-make style, having made a Nintendo 64-alike version of Halo Infinite.

Hoolopee also shared higher resolution behind-the-scenes images from the trailer he created with Kotaku, which features comparison shots between the PS5 and "PS1" versions of Elden Ring. The shots look suitably blocky and hazy and adds a particularly retro atmosphere to the new classic. A full-on PS1 demake of Elden Ring would definitely possess its own charms.

Previously, the artist made similar trailers for Resident Evil Village and Death Stranding, and those who want to check out more of his work can head to his YouTube page here and his Patreon page here.

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