Someone Has Typed Up The Entirety Of Morbius On Twitter

Morbius fever has swept the globe and love for the film only seems to be intensifying. What was once an ironic meme has become so much more, as self-proclaimed Morbhead's have turned what would have been a bang average, slightly disastrous superhero flick into a viral internet sensation.

All of this is down to the film's bafflingly popular social media presence, as Morbheads have dominated platforms such as Twitch, TikTok, and Twitter to express their adoration in unique ways. However, one Morbius fan has managed to stand out from the rest, showcasing a dedication that you can only sit back and admire. Maddy on Twitter has taken it upon themselves to type up the entirety of Morbius in one huge mega-thread.

The thread itself is definitely something to behold, even if you're not on board the Morb train like the rest of us. There are hundreds of tweets in the thread at the moment, all describing the film from beginning to end in its entirety. This includes dialogue, musical ques, and even sound effects, most of which are paired with a couple of images to really get you in the Morb zone. In fact, the entire thing is written out almost like a screenplay, so if there's any budding actors out there, a Morbius script is right here.

At the bottom of the thread (yes, I scrolled all the way down to the bottom), there's actually a couple of little factoids about Maddy's project. The thread is 183 tweets long and takes 79 minutes to read entirely, so it's a perfect chunk of Morb goodness to read through just in case you don't have time to watch the actual movie.

Maddy may have staked a claim as the most dedicated Morbhead out there, but that doesn't mean there aren't others willing to spread the good word of Michael Morbius. For example, fans recently came up with the idea of "Morbin," the act of dropping the entire film into Discord chats for people to watch. In fact, the entire Morbius Discord channel is rife with excited Morbheads, as we found out when we investigated last month.

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