Sonic Fan Reimagines Frontiers As 2D Game

Sonic Frontiers is coming, and despite the initial reaction to its gameplay, Sega is adamant it will still be here before the end of 2022. However, for those of you unable to wait for the partially open-world Sonic game, someone has gone ahead and turned what we have seen of it so far into a more traditional 2D Sonic game.

The pretty remarkable-looking two-dimensional reimagination comes courtesy of KomliWorldGames (via GamesRadar). As you can see in the video below, most of the game takes place in the open-world area, revealed to be called Starfall Islands in Frontiers. The fanmade demake, which gives off serious Sonic Rush vibes, manages to combine elements of the upcoming games with some of Sonic's classic themes.

On top of the 2D Starfall Islands level you can traverse, you will also be able to access a Cyberspace level by collecting ten hearts. A cool way to incorporate the new system being introduced in Frontiers. The reveal of the official Cyberspace levels, many of which have taken inspiration from classic Sonic backdrops, have given those who doubted Frontiers hope. The levels will be linear and far more in keeping with what has made previous Sonic games great, whether 2D or 3D.

Frontiers' release date remains unknown, but again, Sega is sticking with the holiday 2022 arrival. That does seem feasible if the studio is going to push on with what it has and not take any of the negative feedback on board. There is a lot to like after all, and still time for tweaks. As for KomliWorldGames' cool 2D homage, you can play that right now by downloading it through Game Jolt.

The jury remains out on Frontiers, but in fairness to Sega, despite how much has already been revealed, there is still a lot more to learn. We won't truly know how good it is until we get the chance to play it ourselves. As for some of the stuff we have already been told to expect, Dr. Robotnik will be in the game, of course, but his story will be taken in a different direction, and a prologue starring Knuckles is in the works that will shed more light on the story behind the game.

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