Sonic Fans Can’t Wait To See Him Face Plant The Ground In Frontiers

For a game that's coming out later in the year, we don't know a great deal about Sonic Frontiers. Sure, we've had a lot of gameplay footage lately (even if it has failed to inspire much hype), but the story is still largely a mystery, which is completely by design. We're not going to find out much about Sonic's latest adventure until it launches it seems, leaving fans with a lot of time to come up with theories.

Yet there's one thing fans are looking forward to in particular, and it's not new lore and returning characters. In actual fact, Sonic fans can't wait to see the blue blur face plant into the ground. That's right – fans have noticed that Sonic has a weird tendency to crash land face first in pretty much all of his games. And with any luck, it's something he'll repeat in Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic's accident-prone nature was highlighted by Reddit user Supsun5, with a compilation of all the times he's whacked his head on the ground after falling through the air. And yeah, it happens a weird amount for a guy whose main thing is running on the ground, not falling into it.

Better yet, he always seems to land face first. Which to be honest, isn't too surprising given his weird face-to-body ratio going on. It's actually a wonder that he can even stand up straight without toppling over. Luckily for fans of Sonic's misfortunes, the setting of Frontiers is real weird, and even involves a wormhole. So it's safe to assume that we'll get to see him crash into the ground once again, and in the best resolution in the series yet.

"I really like how nobody, absolutely nobody in-universe ever mentions or acknowledges the fact that Sonic always lands face first on the ground", comments Original-Addendum147. "It just makes it a whole lot more funnier and a good running gag in the series."

HeartofSpeed agrees, although remains very concerned about Sonic's welfare. "How has he not broken any bones?"

We'll find out if the compilation will be expanded during the holiday season, when Sonic Frontiers is set to launch. It will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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