Sonic Fans Think Origins Has Slots For More Playable Characters

After 11 months of pretty much no news at all since it was first announced, Sega has flooded us with information about Sonic Origins this week. The first full trailer for the collection of iconic games dropped this week revealing the game will be available on all major platforms on June 23, 2022. Origins will include four of the very first Sonic games, including Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the first time in a decade, all of which can be played in Classic or Anniversary mode.

One of the most appealing new features of Origins will be the ability to play the games as Sonic, Tails, Or Knuckles, even though the characters weren't all introduced in the first game. The character select screen briefly shown during the trailer has got some fans speculating though. There's a lot of empty space on either side of the three characters which has some thinking there will be more playable characters revealed or added after launch.

The two most popular and more obvious options would be Amy and Metal Sonic. Both are included in the Origins artwork as both were introduced for the first time in the games included in the collection. Amy in Sonic CD, and Metal Sonic in Sonic 2. Sega said more details will be revealed soon and that coins can be used to unlock other elements of the game. Perhaps some of those unlockables will be more characters.

There are a few counterpoints suggesting Amy and Metal Sonic won't be playable, at least not in all four of Origins' games. There's a scene in CD where Metal Sonic is shown kidnapping Amy. That would become very confusing if Amy is the one doing the chasing. Perhaps if she can be used to play through CD, that scene will be tweaked to show Sonic in Amy's place. It also appears to have been confirmed that Knuckles can't be used in CD, making it even more unlikely that other playable characters are in the offing.

The reveal that Amy and Metal Sonic will be playable characters in Origins would be welcomed with open arms by Sonic fans right now. The joy that came with the news of its release date was quickly replaced with confusion and concern when Sega showed off a table detailing Origins' DLC and bundle plans. It's a lot more complex than it needs to be and forces those who want everything to pay for optional extras so minor that they should really just be included in the base game.

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