Sorry Sheeva Mains, You Can’t Spam Her Best Move In Mortal Kombat 11 Anymore

It’s happened to everyone at least once on Mortal Kombat 11’s online. Your opponent picks Sheeva, then proceeds to spam Dragon Drop for the whole match. If it hasn’t happened to you before, you were probably that Sheeva main.

To the uninitiated, Dragon Drop is a move that launches Sheeva into the air, coming back down to ground pound the other player where they stand. While powerful (and irritating) moves are nothing new in Mortal Kombat 11, the issue with Dragon Drop is that the opponent only has about a second to dodge the attack. Further still, even if you did manage to dodge the stomp, the small recovery window meant Sheeva would be back up in the air in no time.

But NetherRealm seems to have finally heard the cries of players everywhere, with the latest balance patch going after the notoriously rage quit-inducing move.

According to the patch notes, Dragon Drop now has a “slightly narrowed hit region”, giving players more room to dodge. On top of that, if the Sheeva player misses the opponent they’ll have to wait 30 more frames to try and pull it off again, giving the enemy a chance to break the cycle of spamming.

Unfortunately for some players, this update does not make the move blockable as had been requested. You’ll still have to dodge the infamous attack, yet the changes made at least give you more time to both react and punish once it’s missed.

Elsewhere, other characters have also been hit with nerfs, such as Joker and Cetrion, who’s health is down to 950 (previously being 1000). However, it’s good news for any long suffering Shao Kahn fans, as the longtime villain has finally been buffed. Having been bottom tier since launch, he may start to make a recovery, as this update allows him to get attacks out a little quicker, with four attacks having less recovery frames.

Mortal Kombat 11 released in 2019, and has received numerous DLC packs and updates since. Sheeva was added as part of the Aftermath expansion, which launched June 2020.

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