Soul Calibur And Soul Calibur 2 Delisted From Microsoft Store

While the system is still far from perfect, studios are slowly but surely making it easier to play quite a few games from the past on present-day consoles. Just last week, PlayStation's new PS Plus rollout began, the Premium tier of which grants subscribers access to a library of games that date all the way back to the PS1. However, there are still some games that aren't getting the classic library or remake love, and right now, that appears to apply to the first two Soul Calibur games.

At least that's the case on the Xbox Store right now. Famously a lot better for preserving its history, and granting players access to it, than PlayStation, Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur 2 HD are mysteriously missing from the Xbox Store. The absence was first noticed by Jon Cartwright on Twitter and has since been confirmed by VG247.

There has still been no word from Microsoft nor Soul Calibur studio Bandai Namco as to why the two games have been removed. Fans of the series, especially those who believe none of the games that have come since those critically acclaimed first two have matched up, are hopeful this is an early indicator that perhaps a remastered collection is in the works. Sega recently delisted all of the Sonic games that will be included in its Origins collection which launches across all major platforms next month.

Although those first two Soul Calibur games are still the most celebrated, the series has hardly been forgotten about by its creators. Soul Calibur 6 launched in 2018, and while four years might feel like a long wait for whatever's next, there were six years between Soul Caliburs 5 and 6. It's also worth noting that the Soul Calibur 2 that has disappeared from the Xbox Store is the HD version that launched in 2013. The new version of the sequel improved its look and allowed people to play online together.

If there is going to be a remastered collection of classic Soul Calibur games, or even an entirely new entry in the series, then it will be wading into what are about to become some very busy waters. MultiVersus looks set to be a better fighting game than anyone was going to give it credit for, and there's a chance we get a first proper look at Street Fighter 6 during Sony's next State of Play later this week.

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