Star Wars Eclipse Reportedly Won’t Release Until 2027 Because No One Wants To Work On It

Even by gaming industry standards, the allegations Quantic Dream has faced over the years are damning. With a boss that reportedly throws around homophobic slurs, and coworkers that will apparently photoshop your face onto porn, the Heavy Rain developer hardly sounds like a welcoming environment. And now, this workplace culture could halt the development of the company's biggest game yet.

Multiple insiders are reporting that Star Wars Eclipse will launch 2027 at the earliest, as the studio faces staffing issues. This means that there might be six years in between Eclipse's reveal and release, raising questions as to why it was teased last year at all.

Xfire's Tom Henderson reported yesterday that development is suffering as a result of hiring issues. Sources he spoke to claim that the game was revealed early to attract new developers, since working on the next big Star Wars game is a pretty attractive prospect. However, they say that this hasn't worked, and they're still unable to bring on new talent.

Henderson highlights that the job listings at Quantic Dream have actually increased since the game's reveal, going from 60 to 67. It also turns out the studio has been republishing old listings, to make them appear more recent. This is likely to prove disastrous for development, which is said to have started all the way back in 2013.

This report was backed up by Venture Beat's Jeff Grubb. He stressed the significance of the hiring issues, stating that Quantic Dream would have to address its reputation to attract new talent.

The perception of the studio not being a healthy place to work hasn't just affected its recruitment process, but has also led to campaigns by fans to have the game cancelled. #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse began trending on Twitter shortly after the reveal, with fans and Star Wars creators (authors, YouTubers etc) calling on LucasArts to end its partnership with Quantic Dream. They cited founder David Cage's history of alleged homophobia and sexism, saying that the company was a poor fit for a game, and such a project should be given to another studio.

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