Star Wars Jedi Fans Are Worried About Greez And Merrin

Star Wars Jedi fans are a little worried about Greez and Merrin from Fallen Order, after neither of them were spotted in the gameplay reveal for Jedi: Survivor.

Last night, the first gameplay trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was showcased, giving us a first glimpse at what Cal's new adventure looks like, including a ton of new lightsaber styles, a grappling hook, and even a glider. Even though it was mostly focused on gameplay, it did give a few hints at what Cal's adventure is all about, showcasing some new and returning characters.

Two characters who notably weren't in the trailer are two of the most popular from Jedi: Fallen Order – Greez and Merrin. Greez was the salt-loving, seat-grabbing pilot of the Mantis in the last game, while Merrin was the fierce Nightsister that joined Cal and the crew right at the end of the adventure.

It's made pretty clear from the trailer that Cal is now more of a lone wolf (well, not including BD-8) and has grown up since Fallen Order, but it's a little weird to see Cere and not Greez or Merrin, something that fans were quick to point out over on the Fallen Order subreddit. What's even stranger is that Cal is seen driving the Mantis at several points during the trailer, which Greez told him many times in his last adventure that he shouldn't be doing.

Either Greez has relaxed a little in those five years and decided to let Cal take the ship and use it for himself, or something's happened to him that's keeping him from stopping Cal. Merrin not showing up anywhere is strange too, as she made a big deal out of joining Cal and the crew of the Mantis at the end of Fallen Order. It's possible both are being saved for the full game or another trailer, but fans have taken notice to their absence.

Interestingly, Merrin and Greez both feature on the front cover of Battle Scars, a novel that details one of the adventures that Cal and the crew went on in the five years between Fallen Order and Survivor. It's possible that something happens to either of the two during that adventure, but we're going to have to wait until March to find out.

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