Stardew Valley: 10 Characters You Can’t Romance (But Wish You Could)

When you start playing Stardew Valley, the game doesn’t exactly tell you who you can or can’t date. So there you are on your first days in the game trying to go for characters like Jodi or Marnie, only to be disappointed moments later when you find out they already have a significant other in their life.

However, Stardew Valley is a game that keeps getting updates; maybe in the future, one of those updates will let players explore romantic horizons with characters that, for now, are not-datable. It wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened. Emily wasn’t a bachelorette at first and was later added as a romantic option. So while you wait to marry the villager of your dreams, take a look at all the NPCs who would make an excellent spouse.

10 Kent

Kent would be the perfect candidate for anyone who loves a man in uniform who understands the importance of duty. When the game starts, he is away serving in the army, but he later returns to Pelican Town during his second year.

Players know Kent has been through some rough moments. Thanks to the time he served in the army, he has PTSD and even references Gotoro prison camp when you give him something he hates. If Kent was a datable character, players could explore his story arc a little more and slowly help him readjust to life.

9 Caroline

Caroline’s keenness for farming and gardening makes her the perfect partner for your character in Sardew Valley; she even has the most beautiful green hair that matches her hobby! Sadly, Caroline is married to Pierre. However, their daughter Abigail is a romanceable option, and many players believe she is one of the best ones.

As great as she seems, some players won’t like the idea of dating Caroline seeing as many suspect her of cheating on her husband with The Wizzard. Heck, even Pierre questions if Abigail is his. Still, these are just theories, game theories, and while nothing is confirmed, you can keep imagining a life with Caroline where the two of you spent the day drinking tea in her sunroom.

8 Clint

Clint is a sweet but shy villager who has a not-so-secret crush on Emily, and this is why you can’t just romance this character. Still, he would make a fantastic option; he is a nice friend and could even teach you a little bit about his craft.

This character often complains about his job and is probably too depressed to work on improving his life. That’s why all Clint needs is someone who reciprocates his feelings and teaches him that it is never too late to change who you are or what you do and try something new. Maybe in the future, you could be that someone.

7 Robin

Robin is a girl boss; not only is she the mother of two, but she’s also the town’s carpenter and has her own business, the Carpenter’s Shop. She is one of the first characters players meet, so many thought she was a dateable option, only to be crushed when Demetrius appeared.

Over the years, many players have pointed out that Robin could do better and should divorce her husband. People want to date her so bad someone made a mod to make Robin single!

6 Pierre

Imagine this, you, a farmer, married to one of the town’s shop owners, what a power couple! This could be your life in Pelican Town if Pierre were a dateable option. Sadly, he is not.

But Pierre has more to offer than his business; he is a hard worker and is willing to put in the extra hours to provide for his family. Also, he might be absent a lot and fight with his daughter but, even after suspecting Abigail isn’t his, he stayed with Caroline and cared for them.

5 Marnie

Marnie is another character that would make a fantastic partner. She has a lovely personality and owns her ranch! Marnie is very active, exercising every Tuesday with her friends Caroline, Jodi, Emily, and Robin.

Despite living with her niece and nephew, Marnie often feels lonely and talks to the player about it. Dating her would put an end to that problem, and who knows, maybe the game could let you combine your farm with her ranch.

4 Demetrius

If nerdy-types are your thing, then Demetrius would be perfect for you, as he is a scientist who likes to study the valley’s local flora and fauna.

Demetrius is a very protective person. Just take a look at his daughter’s two heart events. However, if you date him, you’ll be with someone who is not only smart but will always bring you presents from his research. As a plus, there is a fan-theory that supports Demetrius is an autistic person, so if you like to be with someone on the spectrum, Demetrius could be your guy.

3 Jodi

When you first play the game, Jodi seems like a nice single mom with two kids under her care. So why not go after her? She is lovely and mature and, as a bonus, comes with a family. However, after giving her countless gifts and trying your best, year two comes around and surprise! Her bomb-threats-mailing husband arrives in town.

Despite having three more people in her house, Jodi is always complaining about how busy she is and how she wished she could have done things differently. Maybe if players could date her, they will give Jodi the courage she needs to take time for herself or give her something to be happy about.

2 Gus

Gus is The Stardrop Saloon kind-hearted owner. He is a loyal friend, even going to the extent of risking his business financially to avoid confronting his friend, Pam, about her open tab.

Nevertheless, Gus has many qualities that would make him the perfect bachelor. He is a guy who can cook, cooking the food for all the festivals, and goes out of his way to help someone in need, even employing some of the town villagers.

1 Sandy

Sandy is one of those character players who don’t meet until they’ve done something first, in this case, fixing the bus. With pink hair and a fancy dress, Sandy is as unique as the product she sells in The Oasis.

Despite living in the desert and never leaving her business, Sandy would fit right in on your farm. She is bored in her current place, loves flowers from the valley, and doesn’t like the arrangement she has with Qi. Having a new home might be just what this character needs; as a bonus, the two of you could open a sister location for The Oasis on your farm!

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