Stardew Valley: How to Complete The Pirate’s Wife Quest

Ginger Island is the home to most of the content added in the Stardew Valleys 1.5 update. On the island, the player can meet a few new NPCs, all that have their own quests and unique storylines. The Pirate Wife’s Quest is a quest that is generally easy to do, given the player knows which NPCs to talk to and can be used to get 5 of the islands 130 golden walnuts.

The quest will also award the player with a recipe for an item called fairy dust. An item that can be used on machines to make them immediately finish a task.

Starting The Quest

In order to get the quest, the west side of Ginger Island must be unlocked. Afterward, go past the island farm to the other side of the map. There will be a small hut and a woman fishing outside when it’s not raining. This is Birdie, when you talk to her she will explain that she moved to the island after finding the wreckage of her husband’s ship. She is looking for a locket her husband had on him and gives the player a war memento.

You will need to do a series of item exchanges to complete the quest. Most items you get will be easy to link to NPCs for players who are familiar with the game’s cast.

Equivalent Exchange

In order to find Birdie’s locket, you will need to venture back to Pelican Town and go through a series of exchanges starting with Kent. Keep in mind that you will need to be holding the item to exchange with the NPCs the exchange process is as follows:

  • Exchange the War Memento with Kent for Gourmet Tomato Salt
  • Exchange the Gourmet Tomato with Gus for a Stardew Valley Rose
  • Exchange the Stardew Valley Rose with Sandy for an Advanced TV Remote
  • Exchange the Advanced TV Remote with George for the Arctic Shard
  • Exchange the Arctic Shard with Sandy for a Wriggling Worm
  • Exchange the Wriggling Worm with Willy for the Pirate’s Locket

After you get the locket head back to see Birdie to end the quest. Afterward, you will be able to speak with her, but unlike most other characters in the game, she doesn’t accept gifts or have a friendship meter.

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