Stone Cold Steve Austin Is A Breath Of The Wild Guy

2022 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for wrestling games. WWE 2K22 is already here and has washed away the bad taste left by its predecessor, WrestleQuest is on track to arrive this summer, and AEW is aiming to launch its first game before the end of the year. Fans with feet in both worlds were also offered up a very unexpected connection between the two this week when Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed himself to be a Breath of the Wild fan.

The very unexpected revelation came during a short preview for the next episode of Austin's Broken Skull Sessions. WWE returnee Cody Rhodes will be The Texas Rattlesnake's next guest, and to prep fans for their full interview, Austin hit The American Nightmare with a few quickfire questions. The first of those questions tasked Rhodes with picking his favorite Zelda game, to which the WWE Superstar replied Ocarina Of Time.

Rather than immediately move on to the next question, Austin briefly paused, shook his head, and said, “no dude, Breath of the Wild,” as if Rhodes had just got the answer wrong on a game show. Rhodes labels it a bold choice and seems just as taken aback as those of us watching that Austin knows what Zelda is, let alone has a favorite Zelda game. The assumption is that the Hall of Famer spends all of his free time hunting deer and drinking beer on his ranch, hopefully not at the same time.

There's a reason the first question Rhodes was asked during an interview between two wrestlers was about Zelda. Unlike Austin, the former AEW EVP is a self-professed gamer, with the Zelda series being one of, if not his absolute favorite. In fact, as highlighted by Nintendo Life, Rhodes previously said his favorite Zelda game is A Link To The Past. That was during an interview with ESPN more than a decade ago, so clearly his tastes have changed.

As for Austin, the jury is still out on whether he really has played Breath of the Wild or if responding to Cody with that line was a production choice WWE staff knew would get a good reaction from fans. If Austin really is a gamer, he's not the only wrestler to make a surprising revelation of that ilk recently. Last week Randy Orton professed his love for Elden Ring, shocking fans in a different way by revealing he is already level 527 in the game.

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