Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town – How To Get Olive Crystals

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town allows players to run their own farm, expanding the land, upgrading their facilities, raising animals, growing crops, and more. You’ll have to gather a lot of items to use in your crafting and for your upgrades, however, some materials are a lot rarer to find than others.

One of these particularly hard-to-find items is Olive Crystals, one of the treasures you can donate to the museum and something you’ll be needing for a couple of important repairs. So where exactly can you get this elusive treasure? We’ve got a full guide here.

Where to Get Olive Crystals

Farmed from Puddles

Olive Crystals can be farmed by draining puddles with the bucket tool in the third farm area that you unlock. However, they’re a rare find and you can scoop out all puddles in the area and maybe only find one per day. Ultimately, this isn’t the best way to get this item.

Purchased in the Earth Sprite Village

Olive Crystals can be purchased from the Sprite Shop in the Earth Sprite Village (which unlocks once you have collected 25 Follower Sprites). However, the shop’s stock rotates randomly, so you might have to keep visiting each day for a little while until the Olive Crystals are available. They cost 100 Sprite Coins each.

There’s also a chance that the Journey Sprite in the village will give you Olive Crystals as part of its regular haul of items.

What are Olive Crystals Used for?

Old Hydroculture Plant Repair

The most important thing that you need Olive Crystals for is to repair the Old HydroCulture Plant in the third farm area. This farm facility requires a lot of rare materials but is well worth it as it allows you to grow any crops all year round regardless of what season it is. You’ll need 10 x Olive Crystals for this project.

Motorcycle Repair

Once you’ve done a number of Town Requests for the mayor, Clemens will tell you that he needs some materials in order to fix your motorcycle. All of the required items he needs are treasures found on your farm, including 1 x Olive Crystal.

Donated to the Museum

As previously mentioned, Olive Crystals are actually a treasure and can be donated to the Olive Town museum and displayed in the exhibit.

Of course, you can also sell Olive Crystals or gift them to other characters. Reina in the museum loves to be gifted treasures in particular.

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