Stranded: Alien Dawn – How To Go On An Expedition

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Expeditions are a fantastic tool in Stranded: Alien Dawn that allow you to explore farther reaches of your new home planet. These experiences can grant your survivors new resources, insights, and crew members!

Unfortunately, while Stranded has an hour's worth of detailed tutorials, the game does not give much attention to expeditions. However, with a few resources and some time at the research desk, beginning your expedition journey is a sinch to learn!

Note: Stranded: Alien Dawn is an Early Access title still in development. Therefore, its current version does not represent the contents of the finished game. As a result, parts of this guide may become obsolete/inaccurate as the title grows and evolves. Additionally, bugs and glitches may inhibit gameplay.

How To Unlock Expeditions

To go on expeditions, you must research long-distance travel first. This research project requires your team to either find or produce liquid fuel before they can research it. Making fuel takes multiple steps, including finding/producing grains, making vegetable oil, and converting it to fuel. Therefore, we recommend scavenging your spacecraft for fuel. It will take a few trips, but eventually, you'll find some handy.

Once you find fuel, the long-distance travel project should unlock in the Research menu. This project is a straightforward venture that takes up to twelve hours to complete.

Finishing the long-distance travel project allows you to construct a hot air balloon, which is essential for expeditions. However, a hot air balloon uses multiple resources. To construct the balloon, you will need twenty sticks, ten metal alloys, and fifty pieces of fabric. You can craft cloth and veggie leather fabrics by growing cloth blossom and skin bark crops. To build a furnace that crafts the required metal alloys, you must research metal refinement.

After construction, the hot air balloon requires a full fuel tank (thirty fuels in total) before it is operable. If the hot air balloon's refuel option is active, survivors will regularly maintain fuel levels without your direct interference. But if you wish to reserve fuel for another endeavor, it's vital to deactivate this option.

How To Use The Expeditions Menu

You can open the Expeditions menu in two ways: the hot air balloon menu or the manage menu at the bottom UI. Its indicator is a blue compass symbol. After opening the menu, you can toggle through different locations to view available expeditions. Clicking on an expedition will show its travel time and a summary of the mission details.

There are two types of expeditions you'll come across in the campaign. First, Explore expeditions are always available. These adventures allow your crew to explore the planet, leading to new expeditions. However, each exploration will take more travel time than the last. Events are time-sensitive expeditions that will come to your attention via an in-game message. Examples often involve an occurrence like new space debris or a sighted smoke signal.

After selecting the expedition, you'll choose which survivor will go on the mission. We recommend picking a more formidable survivor. Some combat experience is a must, so anyone with the Pacifist trait, like Daniel Shank, should stay home.

Mental and emotional fortitude is another desirable trait. Survivors with the Liberated trait, such as Nova Sones, who cannot experience euphoria or meltdowns, are great options.

Finally, you may wish to consider a survivor with expedition-specific skills. For example, Maki Onda has Natural Curiosity, which means she can field observe unknown species while on expeditions.

How Do Expeditions Work?

Expeditions are not a hands-on process. Instead, you will receive text updates summarizing critical moments of the expedition. Usually, these updates task you with making choices for your survivor, such as whether to fight an aggressive animal or if a mysterious area is worth exploring. Thankfully, these dialog boxes will also inform you what skill level your survivor must have to succeed in specific choices.

In the meantime, you will perform the regular duties of your space colony until your explorer returns from the expedition. When they return, there is a chance that the explorer will bring something back with them, like a resource supply or even a rescued survivor from another camp!

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