Stranger Of Paradise: The D&D Alignments Of The Main Characters

Where does each character in Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin fall on the Dungeons & Dragons morality alignment chart? These are the pressing questions we ask here at TheGamer. The story of Stranger Of Paradise is convoluted and becomes more than a little difficult to keep up with by the end. That's to be expected for anyone who's played a Square Enix game – or specifically any game written by Kazushige Nojima – in the past.

Still, this is an interesting story to cover in this way because it details a man's corruption from someone who many thought had good intentions to someone who became what he sought to destroy. But what about the intentions of others? We find out where there moral compass lies by matching them up to their D&D alignment.

8 Sarah – Lawful Good

Princess Sarah is like a lovestruck puppy dog. It's kind of funny at first how much she clings to Jack's every step and word when he clearly wants nothing to do with her.

The realization of their history together gives their relationship more of a somber tone in the end. But Sarah is definitely a Lawful Good. She's not really a deep enough character to have any more debatable nuance. She likes peace, sunshine, and being with the one she loves.

7 Sophia – Lawful Good

Sophia exudes raw intelligence, and has a determination to kill Chaos like the rest of those in the group. But beyond that catchy "Kill Chaos" mission, she also clearly has a large hand in masterminding the greater plan revealed at the end of the game.

Whereas Princess Sarah's Lawful Good status comes from her being something of a one-note goody-two-shoes, Sophia's Lawful Good status comes from her being someone who developed a plan for the greater good and was rigorous in the ironing out the details to ensure things passed smoothly.

6 Astos – Chaotic Good

Astos appears evil for much of the game. It's not until the end that we learn Astos' true intentions, and they are pure, but he has a fairly chaotic way of bringing them to fruition. He's a dark elf who likes monologues and dry, sarcastic humor. It's a charming quality that makes him one of the best characters in the game.

It seems throughout the game as though he has sinister intentions and is attempting to deceive Jack and the crew, only for the realization to come later on that Astos was in fact trying to guide them towards the place they needed to be. Maybe if Jack hadn't told him to shut up so much he could have explained it better.

5 Chaos – Chaotic Evil

Chaos being Chaotic Evil feels fairly self-explanatory. It's Chaos, what else would it be? We don't actually have much to go off of as far as Chaos as a character. Mostly, it's just a boss who is the physical embodiment of an abstract concept.

Chaos never shows up until the very end of the game, and its existence is questioned multiple times. It's a shame there's not more screen time devoted to Chaos, given how often Jack utters its name. But, by the end, we know that Chaos isn't the only evil in Cornelia.

4 Ash – Neutral Good

Ash isn't a particularly talkative guy, and doesn't display Jacks brash stoic behavior. Ash has a more steadfast and calming approach to his quiet nature that makes him come across as the wisest member of the main group.

He's like a gentle giant. Ok, he's not exactly gentle. He's a bruiser who likes to punch enemies as hard as he can. But, as far as his approach to most of life and general conversation goes, he's soft-spoken and never comes across as too harsh or opinionated. It makes him a neutral good, because his place in the dialogue always seems to be as a kind of balance.

3 Jed – Neutral Good

Jed tends to be the one most consistently in the highest spirits in the group. He's a Neutral Good because he never becomes opinionated enough at any point in the game to swing out of neutrality. He looks up to the power of his friends, and seeks to help them however he can on the mission to kill Chaos (And the underlying ultimate one to break the cycle).

He's probably the most humorous character in the game besides Astos, but where Astos' humor comes from the confusion he sews with much of what he says, Jed just tends to make matters in a light-hearted tone.

2 Neon – Chaotic Good

Neon is without a doubt the most combative member of the group aside from Jack, which is why the two butt heads the most throughout the game. While Jack is on a relentless quest to kill Chaos, Neon's quest moreso centers around convincing Jack that Chaos isn't even real.

She's small and has an incredibly fierce attitude. That attitude makes most of her dialogue encounters feel highly-strung and fairly chaotic, but obviously like the rest of the crew she has good intentions through it all.

1 Jack Garland – Lawful Evil

Jack Garland has a very specific motivation. Killing Chaos. And he'll tell you that a hilarious amount. Nothing can disturb him from his sole motivation. The end result is that Jack Garland becomes the one thing he sought to destroy from the beginning.

Jack defeats and ultimately becomes Chaos. You would almost want to make him a Chaotic Evil because of that. But, by the end, he clearly resolves to be more ordered than the physical embodiment of Chaos he just slew. He gains a new motivation, breaking the cycle, and he's not someone easily swayed from his motivations.

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