Stray’s Robots Eat Literal RAMen

Stray launched this week and if you haven't seen shots from the game on your timeline or a video of a cat reacting to it, you need to adjust your algorithms. As for the game itself, even though it's short, players are discovering all sorts of very cool hidden details. For example, the robots that call Stray's world home eat RAMen.

No, that isn't a caps lock-based typo. As discovered by Leezard and shared on Reddit, Stray's robots eat what appears to just be RAM sticks in a translucent broth. What is even less clear than the liquid in which the electronics are sitting is whether RAMen is the official name of the dish, or if that's the witty and incredibly appropriate name Leezard has given to it.

If hearing the word RAMen and seeing the screenshot tickled you, wait until you read some of the suggestions in the replies. DIMM-sum tops the pile, of course, that the dish can only be bought using cache is right up there too, and what might well be the best pun of all, Ctrl+Alt+Delicious. If there isn't already a restaurant with that name somewhere in the real world, the Reddit user responsible for it should probably get on that right away.

The RAMen discovery is the latest in a string of cool Easter eggs Stray players have already found hidden in Dead City. Others include hat tips to games like Skyrim and Half-Life, plus so many people have been playing the cat-sim game that it quickly broke Annapurna's concurrent player record on Steam. Broken might be an understatement. Almost 63,000 people were playing Stray at one point on launch day. Annapurna's record before that was a tad over 8,000 concurrent players which 12 Minutes managed last year.

Three days on from the arrival of Stray, it seems likely there are plenty more Easter eggs and other hidden details to find strewn around what might be a short game, but it is one densely packed with cool stuff to discover. Plus, if you're looking for more Stray-based stuff to do after finishing the game, get to know the real-life cat on which the game's feline is based a little better. His name is Murtaugh.

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