Summer Game Fest And The Game Awards Will Be Streamed Live In IMAX Cinemas

Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards will both be streamed live to IMAX cinemas this year. Known for airing new game trailers and announcing brand new titles, this experience is sure to delight fans.

First up is the Summer Game Fest, starting on June 9. Keighley announced the Fest would be returning shortly after E3 was officially cancelled. According to the host himself, this will include "another Kickoff Live show with announcements, news, and first looks."

Summer Game Fest will be an all digital event, meaning unlike the old in-person E3 events, we won't be able to play any demos, but we should still see lots of exciting video game news from the Fest and individual company showcases.

Xbox and Bethesda are already scheduled for a showcase on June 12 just after the Fest. We don't know how long it will be, but previous ones have been around 90 minutes.

Six months after the Summer Game Fest it'll be time for The Game Awards – an event the industry keeps wanting to be the video game equivalent of the Oscars. While film showcases definitely could learn a thing or two from their video game counterparts, we don't need the film industry to pat us on the back.

This year's Game Awards will likely follow a similar pattern to last year's, with host Geoff Keighley and various notable gaming figures awarding developers with trophies for all their hard work.

Last year, It Takes Two won the coveted Game of the Year Award, and Hazelight Studios director Josef Fares went up to collect it. It would be quite exciting to see another moment like his "fuck the Oscars" announcement on a huge IMAX screen.

Anyway, everyone knows the most important game awards are the ones given out by TheGamer. For 2021, It Takes Two took 6th place. A respectable effort. But, our top pick was the phenomenal mod-turned-video-game, The Forgotten City. 17 editors, 77 games, one winner.

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