Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Gives Us First Look At Peach, Luigi, And Donkey Kong

The Super Mario Bros. movie is only a few months away now, as we prepare to hear Chris Pratt's voice flow out of Mario whether we want it to or not. To get us nice and hyped, Nintendo has now revealed a second trailer for the movie, this time giving us first look at Anya Taylor-Joy's portrayal of Princess Peach as well our best look yet at Charlie Day's Luigi.

The trailer starts out with Mario entering a large colloseum, as he squares up against Donkey Kong. The Italian plumber proceeds to attack DK only to get completely pummelled, much to the dismay of an onlooking Princess Peach and Toad.

Speaking of Princess Peach, she definitely doesn't appear to be the damsel in distress that the games usually portray her as. Instead, we see Peach speaking with an army of Toads, as well as her setting off to confront an approaching Bowser with a full on spear in hand.

We also get a much better look at Luigi, adding to short clip we saw of him running from Dry Bones in the movie's first trailer. Unfortunately, Luigi is in just as much trouble this time around as well, as he seems to have been captured by Bowser and is being forced (tortured?) to give up the location of his brother. It paints a pretty bleak picture and implies that the whole movie may be about Mario's quest to save him.

This trailer also pretty much confirms that Mario and Luigi aren't originally from the Mushroom Kingdom, as Mario seems to be undergoing some kind of training for his eventual showdown with Bowser. This includes cheeky little nods to older Mario games, as well as a short section dedicated to Rainbow Road and Mario Kart.

This has been our best look at the movie so far, but we'll likely see more before it officially releases on April 7 next year in the US. The movie will release later that month everywhere else in the world.

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