Super Mario Minifigures Are Not Out Of The Question For LEGO Designer

Nintendo was always going to go all out for Mario’s 35th anniversary, and it did so by announcing partnerships with clothing manufacturers, a couple of Switch games which include the upcoming Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury and a toy lineup that features Mario Lego sets.

The latter proved to be such a success that Lego released new expansion sets that further add up to the many enemies and landscapes that can be recreated in blocky fashion by fans. In fact the partnership has been so fruitful that Lego is now taking a second look at sets inspired by The Legend of Zelda, even if these are fan-made creations.

However, for those that didn’t particularly care for Lego Mario’s ultra blocky talking design that departs so much from traditional Lego aesthetics, there might still be some hope. In a recent episode of the Bits N’ Bricks podcast from Brick Fanatics, Lego Senior Designer Tara Wike spoke extensively about minifigures and their relationship with many Lego video games that are out there in the market, and when asked about the possibility of a Mario minifigure set in the future she defined it as a “never say never” kind of situation.

As Wike puts it, given that Nintendo and Lego now have a working partnership already established, it would simply make sense to explore video game sets that would translate well into the minifigure design. Business-wise, it would likely make sense for both parties considering how well the current Mario and NES Lego console have sold, with both quickly rising to Amazon’s best sellers charts at the time they came out.

Though these statements are far off from even suggesting a Mario minifigures set could be made someday, it might still be some hope for those that are simply creeped out by the current Lego Mario or just wonder if this is the best way to represent Nintendo’s poster boy.

In the meantime, there are plenty of Mario toys out there–like the Mario Kart Home Circuit–and with Nintendo executives branching out their iconic characters into other media forms and merchandising, there might still be some hope for a Lego Mario that actually look like a Lego.

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