Super Mario movie leak says it's a musical with Brooklyn accents

A general plot synopsis of the Mario movie is making the rounds and a copyright claim seems to have legitimised it.

Just as it rarely shares details on its games until a few months before release, Nintendo seems to be taking the exact same approach with the Super Mario movie.

Aside from a release window of April 2023 – and a voice cast consisting of Chris Pratt as Mario, Jack Black as Bowser, and Charlie Day as Luigi – no one even knows what the movie’s about. Although that may no longer be the case.

Earlier this month, there was a Reddit post claiming to have a general synopsis of the movie, as well as several other unconfirmed details like additional characters and even the post credits scene.

We won’t be sharing any exact details about the plot, but the leak does suggest that Mario and Luigi will use New York, Brooklyn accents and that the movie is a musical, with several songs.

Perhaps most importantly though there is apparently no dabbing and no fart jokes, but plenty of meta references to the game series – implying it’ll be a little more sophisticated than the likes of Minions.

The post itself compares the film to The Lego Movie (which Chris Pratt also voiced the lead role in) and says it has a similar art style to Genndy Tartakovsky’s Hotel Transylvania movies.

There was no evidence for the leak, and so no particular reason to believe it, except it was soon taken down due to a copyright claim, presumably either from Nintendo or Illumination (the animation studio behind the movie).

Of course, that only helped to advertise the leak, as the original post had already been shared elsewhere on Reddit and other forums. Chalk up one more example of the Streisand effect in action.

As for how this information could have leaked to begin with, it supposedly comes from people who have watched test screenings of the movie.

Noted insider Jeff Grubb theorises the same thing on his GrubbSnax podcast, where he read out the entire Reddit post. He even adds that he finds the leak believable because of the release date delay.

Grubb speculates that this version of the movie has been shown to test audiences and that the delay to 2023 was in response to a poor reception.

‘They probably have been showing this to test audiences, and… they’re probably not super happy with this. Although it sounds fine to me,’ says Grubb.

If you’re not bothered by potential spoilers, you can either listen to Grubb read it out from the 1:02:36 mark in the video below or read it yourself on Reddit.

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