Swedish streamer uses just her feet to beat ‘one of the hardest games ever’

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A Swedish Twitch streamer has nearly succeeded in her quest to complete one of the hardest games out there today using only her feet.

Mikkaa, a Twitch Partner and full-time streamer, has previously made a name for herself for beating a range of notoriously difficult FromSoftware games like Dark Souls and Sekiro using one hand.

Now, she is nearly at the final boss of the latest FromSoft title, Elden Ring, and she's done it using nothing but a plug-in dance mat rather than a controller.

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Mikkaa set the challenge of beating the game as a Lvl.1 character with a dance mat. Since then, she's spent more than 50 hours on the game and defeated 28 bosses.

Before attempting Elden Ring with a dance mat, Mikkaa was a seasoned FromSoftware veteran, having beaten the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Demon's Souls on new game+7. Mikkaa told GameSpot that she loves the challenge of their games: "As much as it could be frustrating and difficult, it was also extremely rewarding when you finally strike the killing blow on a boss."

Mikkaa added that she has around 800 hours of Elden Ring under her belt already, and has beaten the game on PS5 using just one hand, but she says learning the game on a dance mat comes with its own challenges.

Mikkaa said: "One of the hardest parts of the Dance Pad challenge specifically was making sure I don't fall off every cliff! Since the movements were so clunky, and the camera controls almost non-existent […] it was fairly common for me to fall off the map."

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Mikkaa's challenge has been met with a wave of support and congratulations from other gamers and fans of FromSoftware's notoriously difficult titles.

One gamer said on Twitter: "Imagine not being able to beat them on a regular controller but she's doing it on a variety of hard modes. Queen sh*t."

Another wrote to her: "You're just a different breed of gamer. Your skills and dedication have to be immense. Bravo on your achievements!"


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