Tabletop Game Moonbreaker Ditches Microtransaction Requirement To Play Boss Rush Mode

Moonbreaker is ditching a controversial monetization strategy that seemingly pushed players into spending real-world cash to engage in one of its game modes.

Game director Charlie Cleveland announced on Twitter that Unknown Worlds will be "removing Cargo Run contracts completely" so that players "can play unlimited amounts."

"Sorry about that," Cleveland added. "Thanks for standing by us as we learn how to run a live-service game. (ETA: early next week)."

For those unfamiliar with Moonbreaker's monetization, the game itself costs $30 to purchase, with microtransactions allowing players to purchase new units or go on Cargo Runs, a lucrative type of game mode that pits players against a series of bosses that get harder with each victory. Cargo Runs currently require "contracts" to embark on, which cost 25 Pulsars (the name of Moonbreaker's premium currency). With 75 Pulsars available for $4.99, that works out to roughly $1.66 per Cargo Run (thanks, PCGamesN).

You can also purchase contracts with Moonbreaker's freemium currency, called Blanks, but those are also used to purchase more units. The competing player prioritized often made it seem like the game was pushing players to spend cash on Cargo Runs while keeping Blanks to buy more miniatures.

You could go on one free Cargo Run per day, but after that required players to pay up, with some calling Moonbreaker’s monetization predatory for a game that already charges $30 just to download. The good news is that Moonbreaker has heard from player complaints and has tamed its microtransactions somewhat. Expect more changes as Moonbreaker makes its way through Steam Early Access.

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