Tarzan VR Release Date Revealed: Ep 1 & 2 Coming Next Week

In just a weeks’ time we can all become the lord of the jungle – Tarzan VR swings onto PC VR headsets November 17th. Or at least part of it does.

Publisher Fun Train confirmed the news today. Tarzan VR will be an episodic release, with the first two installments arriving on the 17th and a third episode coming later down the line. To celebrate the news, Fun Train just released a behind-the-scenes video about the game with plenty of new gameplay and a pretty in-depth look at the project’s origins, even including a trip to the offices of Tarzan creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Sadly, there are only a few opportunities to dance to the music from the ridiculous but inarguably memorable gameplay trailer from a few months back.

Tarzan VR Release Date Confirmed


The first episode or ‘Issue’ of Tarzan VR is called The Great Ape and sees players jump into action when Jane is captured by a group of invaders. Issue 2, meanwhile, is called The Jagged Edge. Both installments introduce new weapons, including an axe in the first and a slingshot in the second episode.

Meme-laden trailers aside, everything we’ve seen from Tarzan VR thus far definitely looks intriguing, from the vine-swinging locomotion to the lush jungle environments and melee combat. It’s developed by Stonepunk Studios, which was behind the pretty excellent Primordian, so we’re excited to see the team move onto a new project. Fun Train told UploadVR that the PSVR version should be coming around a month and a half after the PC VR launch.

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