Team Fortress 2 Patches Launch Bug 16 Years Later Out Of Nowhere

Earlier this week, Team Fortress 2 players were treated to a brand-new update. While nothing game-changing is really added in this update, it does work to patch several bugs and issues that have plagued the game for a while now. In fact, one of the bugs getting patched out has been around since the game launched back in 2007.

If you have been a Team Fortress 2 player since its inception, then you probably know about the reload sound used for the Original weapon. Or rather, you noticed the odd sound that played when reloading the rocket launcher. For 16 years, the weapons used a default reload sound instead of the one that players should hear. Now, Valve has corrected that issue with this new update.

The Original’s reload sound is not the only obscure fix included in this update. There are several other slight improvements like those blurry HUD images and the ability to change names during a matchmaking game. All these small upgrades have left players wondering “why now?”.

Over on Reddit, under a thread discussing the new reload sound, players are throwing out their own theories as to why the game is suddenly getting some random fixes. The most-accepted one is that Valve is planning to finally address the bot problem that led to a player-led protest back in May.

For the past couple of years, bots have been a real issue for Team Fortress 2. The constant barrage of hate speech and aimbots that these bots caused really took away from the fun of the first-person shooter. It became such an issue that players banded together to begin a “SaveTF2” protest throughout social media. This led to Valve promising that improvements would be made.

Could these random patches be the precursor to bigger change? Or did that odd reload issue just get on someone's nerves for the last time? We'll have to wait and see.

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