Teardown Coming To Early Access “For At Least One Year”

Our introduction to Teardown was very impressive. We were told that developers Tuxedo Labs had built an entirely new engine for the game. Of course, they want to see what the engine can do, which is why the game will be in early access for, “at least a year”.

For the early access phase, you will have the ability to play one chapter of the campaign, with 20 missions and five different environments. There will also be challenges and sandbox modes for each environment. The challenges will get progressively more difficult as you complete them and will restrict your tools so that your score can easily be compared with others.

According to the game’s Steam page, the developers want player input on everything from environments to tools, to challenges and mission types. That is not to say that player input will shape the entire game, as the devs have an idea of the overall story that they want to tell and how they want to structure it. However, the details will largely be in your hands. Accordingly, the team at Tuxedo Labs is already sourcing ideas from the Steam page, Twitter and Discord, but nothing beats getting player hands on the game.

From what we know of the story so far, your company is seriously in debt, so you take on “more or less legitimate assignments” to help bridge the gap. These assignments are, of course, going to get more and more nefarious, requiring you to steal cars, destroy buildings and blow up safes. Tripping an alarm or picking up your first objective item will draw the attention of security. If they catch you, it’s game over.

Based on the Steam page, it’s clear that Tuxedo Labs is genuinely interested in player feedback and wanting to get the most out of this unique game. They know that they can’t think of everything, so they are asking for answers from the world’s largest (and best) supercomputer—the gaming community. What mechanics have the most promise? What needs to go away? Should the environment play a role in everything? You, the player, have a say in how the game is going to work. Luckily for you, you have at least a year to give them your input before the final game is released.

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