Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown announced with teaser trailer


The reveal of Test Drive Unlimited 3 is taking its sweet time, but at least we now know that some of the original team are working on it.

Although they never really got the recognition they deserved, Test Drive Unlimited 1 and 2 were instrumental in pioneering the idea of an open world driving game, and now, at last, there’s going to be a third entry in the series.

We’ve known that for a while now, but the long-awaited official announcement is barely any less of a tease than anything we’ve seen before, with no gameplay footage and no indication where the game will be set.

Wherever it’ll be set though it’ll be an exact 1:1 recreation of the real-world location, after Test Drive Unlimited 1 took place on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and the sequel added Ibiza.

Although developer Kylotonn are new to the franchise, having previously worked on the WRC and TT Isle Of Man franchises, they do have several staff that worked on the original games helping to develop Solar Crown.

The only other things we know for sure though is that the handling model will be taken from WRC 8 and that it will feature licensed cars from Ferrari, Bugatti, and Lamborghini.

However, what formats it will be released on, and when, remains a mystery.


The game was announced as part of the Nacon Connect showcase, by the French publisher formerly known as Bigben Interactive.

The showcase featured new updates on narrative role-player Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong (not to be confused with action role-player Bloodlines 2) and Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood (which features more mech suits than you might imagine from the title).

Two brand new games were also announced, with Rogue Lords being a roguelike where you play as the Devil trying to defeat an army of demon hunters and Steelrising, which checks notes involves protecting Marie Antoinette from an army of robots in an alternate history French Revolution.

Not only is it nice to see Nacon not going for the obvious – to put things mildly – but Steelrising is by GreedFall developer Spiders, and considering how well that turned out we’re now doubly interested in it.


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