The 10 Best Collaboration Moves In The Pokemon Anime

The Pokemon anime has always done a brilliant job at animating the multitude of moves that have been introduced. It's always thrilling to see Pokemon light up the screen with dazzling attacks and even more so to watch Pokemon use these moves in creative and unconventional ways. While it is disappointing that the games can't mimic this, it's understandable. Especially when you take into account combination moves.

Combination moves, not to be confused with the Pledge moves, have appeared from time to time in the series. As the name suggests, these types of moves combine two or more pre-existing moves to create a new attack. While there have been times when a Pokemon has been able to pull off such a move by themselves, a great deal of the stronger and more glamorous moves tend to involve two Pokemon.

10 Ice Aqua Jet

Ice Aqua Jet is a rather unorthodox collaboration technique for the sole reason that it doesn't require two willing participants. In fact, almost every time this move is used in the anime, it turns an opponent's move against them in the middle of combat.

This move is used when Ash's Buizel uses Aqua Jet and charges straight into an Ice Beam. The Ice-type move freezes the water surrounding Buizel, encasing the weasel Pokemon in ice. While this may seem like it would trap the water type, Buizel has some control over its icy prison, allowing it to plow into its startled opponent.

9 Poison Silver Wind

No one can say that Team Rocket isn't creative. After all, they have to be to come up with as many plans as they have to capture Pikachu. This creativity also shows up during Jesse's stint as a Coordinator as she unveils her unorthodox yet effective battle style.

Poison Silver Wind is achieved through the collaboration of Jesse's Seviper and Yanmega. Seviper raises its tail into the air as Yanmega unleashes a Silver Wind attack. As soon as the Bug-type move meets Seviper's tail, the wind takes on a purple hue, and beams of poison shoot out and rush towards their opponents.

8 Aerial Ace Psywave

This combination is one of the few created by a non-main character of the Pokemon series. Zoey, being a rival to Dawn, has to be able to create a level that Dawn strives to reach. This level becomes blatantly evident thanks to the brilliant collaboration move created by her Leafeon and Mismagius.

As Leafeon uses Arial Ace, Mismagius targets the Grass-type Eeveelution with a Psywave. When the Ghost-type's attack hits Leafeon, it combines with the Flying-type energy surrounding it, creating a pair of bright blue wings. Not only is this attack beautiful, but it's also incredibly powerful, especially when combined with Leafeon's Leaf Blade.

7 Focus Ball

Focus Ball was the result of collaboration between May's Eevee and Munchlax. Eevee unleashes a powerful Shadow Ball and, as the attack passes by Munchlax, the Normal-type strikes it with a Focus Punch. However, instead of prematurely detonating the attack, Munchlax is able to launch it at their opponents.

Not only does this increase the speed at which the Shadow Ball travels, but Munchlax's Focus Punch infuses it with even more power. A light blue aura surrounds the attack and, upon contact, strikes with the power of both a Shadow Ball and a Focus Punch.

6 Psychic Blizzard

The name of this combination says it all. It utilizes May's Skitty's Blizzard as well as her Beautifly's Psychic to create an incredibly powerful attack. As Skitty uses its Blizzard attack, Beautifly takes control of it, swarming the frigid storm with psychic power to increase the attack's strength and direct its path.

This combination not only significantly increases the strength of one of the strongest moves in Pokemon, but also its accuracy. Blizzard has always been a risky and unreliable move, more so in the games than the anime, but the point stands. The fact that this combination erases this drawback and increases its strengths is phenomenal.

5 Sky Attack Peck

Sky Attack Peck is achieved through the cooperation of Dawn's Piplup and Togekiss. Piplup leaps on top of Togekiss as the jubilee Pokemon uses Sky Attack. As soon as Piplup is situated, it uses Peck and the two Flying-type moves combine to devastating effects.

The aura surrounding the duo becomes a fiery red and Piplup's beak gains a golden hue. The duo then shoots across the battlefield towards their opponents — the trailing aura gives them the visage of a rocket shooting across the sky. While Dawn inevitably lost her battle against Zoey, this move dealt massive damage against one of her opponent's strongest Pokemon.

4 Brave Cannon

This is the collaboration move of Ash's Rowlet and Meltan. Rowlet charges towards the duo's opponents while Meltan stands back and shoots out a Flash Cannon. The Steel-type move engulfs the glowing grass quill Pokemon, creating a spiraling effect as Rowlet torpedoes towards their enemy.

Not only does this move significantly boost Rowlet's attack, but it's also a combination that makes two of Ash's weaker Pokemon a threat in battle. Considering that both Pokemon involved in the Brave Canon were at their first stage in evolution and were able to knock out a Zweilous and Druddigon is a testament to the move's power.

3 Shadow Claw Blizzard

The present combination move is unique to Zoey and her Glameow and Shellos. As Glameow leaps at its opponent with Shadow Claw, Shellos takes aim at the catty Pokemon's paw with a localized Blizzard attack. Instead of simply freezing the Glameow's paw, its mixes with the shadowy energy in an interesting way.

The wind element that comes with Blizzard becomes black and the flecks of ice swirl around the Normal-type's paw as if in orbit. Still in control of the attack, Glameow slashes at its opponent, striking with the force of both moves.

2 Super Flare Blitz

Even if the creator of this move is despicable for abandoning little Tepig, you can't deny Shamus' ingenuity. As a mono-Fire-type trainer, it's necessary to create powerful moves to overcome powerful foes. One such move utilizes both his Emboar and Heatmor.

Super Flare Blitz occurs when Emboar charges towards its opponents with Flare Blitz while Heatmor supports it with Fire Spin. Heatmor's attack surrounds Emboar, creating rings of red flames that surround the blue flames created by Emboar's attack. With now increased firepower, Emboar crashes into its target.

1 Thunder Whirlpool

Thunder Whirlpool is an attack combination made by Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Piplup. Piplup forms a large Whirlpool above its head while Pikachu electrifies it with a Thunderbolt. Once super-charged, Piplup then hurls the swirling vortex of electrified water at their opponents.

While Whirlpool isn't the strongest move to be paired with, it does have one thing going for it: its trapping mechanic. Thanks to that, those struck by this attack are pulled into the center of it and are left helpless as they're assaulted by the forceful waves of water and electrified currents.

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