The Adorable (And Educational) Pokemon Kids TV Is Officially Available In English

2021 is gearing up to be a big year for Pokemon. With the franchise celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Nintendo is releasing a bunch of items and content like Mini-sets, themed cards, and of course, the highly-anticipated New Pokemon Snap. Now, the company has released a new YouTube channel in English that is geared at helping kids learn and grow using the fun of Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company launched an official Pokemon Kids TV YouTube channel completely in English. The channel features over 30 videos that offer children’s songs, educational content, games, exciting stories, and much more. While this channel has been available in Japanese for a few years, this is the first time that many of these videos will feature English subtitles and voiceovers for English-speaking audiences!

All of the videos on the channel are, as you may have guessed from the name, geared towards children. With sing-along videos, popular nursery rhymes, and educational content, everything on the channel is designed to foster learning among Pokemon-loving children. Some of the videos you will find include Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Pokemon Peek-a-boo, and PokeRhyme Pokemon Rap. Each video uses the fun of Pokemon to teach children about rhyming, memorization, and coordination. It is great for kids who already love Pokemon and a great way to introduce kids to the fun world of Pokemon.

At the moment, the channel has sectioned the videos into several playlists, each with content that will help a child learn and grow. Some of the playlists include Picture Books with videos that tell a story with accompanying Pokemon visuals, Seasonal Songs with videos that teach children basic songs using Pokemon, and Learn & Play with Pokemon which contains more interactive videos that have kids help Pokemon with basic skills like memorization, sorting, solving puzzles, and counting. There is a ton of great content that will keep kids entertained for hours while also teaching them skills for growth.

While the English-speaking channel is fairly new, it has already racked up a ton of views. Seems that the combination of Pokemon and education is one that works well for kids and parents.

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