The Best Items To Get In Rust Straight Away

From the moment you spawn in as a new character in a Rust server, you have a target on your back. Whether it be another player, a wild creature, or even hunger or exposure, death is creeping up on you right from the start, and will catch you sooner than later if you don’t know what items to get straight away. As a survival crafting game, there are way more things you can craft than you need to in the early hours, but the game isn’t going to make that perfectly clear. Here are the most important items you need to find or craft as soon as you can if you want to get a foothold in Rust.

Waking up, your character will only have a few measly items including a rock. This rock, pardon the pun, is what you will build your entire life off of in Rust. It is your first “tool” and while you’ll obviously want to upgrade right away, is going to be your best friend until you do.

Stone Tools

Take that rock of yours and put it to work bashing in trees and rocks to gather some resources. The main materials in Rust are Wood, Stone, Metal Fragments, High Quality Metal, Sulfur, and Cloth. Don’t worry about anything aside from wood, stone, and cloth for the early days. It will be a while before the others become relevant.

Once you get 100 stone and 200 wood, craft them into your first Stone Hatchet, but don’t ditch your trusty rock just yet. Bash out another 100 stone and 200 wood and make a Stone Pick Axe before you let your rock go.

Wooden Base

I hope you’re not tired of gathering wood, because your next point of business is to get enough to make yourself a decent shelter. You have to start out crafting a foundation, which costs eight wood planks, and can then build your simple base on top of. Don’t get greedy here, just a simple shack is more than you need right now.


For whatever reason, you need to make doors separately but are absolutely worth the 30 wood they cost. Not only do they make your base feel more like a real home, but you can also lock them to keep other players out of your stuff or from sneaking up on you. Yeah, they can still break it down, but that takes a lot of time you can use to prepare.

Sleeping bag

Once you have a place to call home, you won’t want to end up spawning back on the beach if (when) you die. You’ll need 30 cloth either from plants or animals you kill, and once you place it down in your base you can set yourself to spawn back there should the worst happen. Remember, they can be destroyed, though, which is why you want to have a secure base before laying one down.


Not only do campfires keep you warm during the night, but are also necessary for cooking any meat you gather. You will have plenty of wood for this by now, and you might be tempted to craft one earlier, but hold off. Campfires make a lot of light, duh, which will draw the attention of other players roaming around at night looking for easy prey. Wait until you have your base to hide.

Tool Cupboard

You’re now ready to start doing some real exploration and crafting more fun items like weapons, but before you go out on your adventures make sure to make a tool cupboard. Your home, just like you, is on the clock. It will decay over time, eventually breaking down if you leave it for too long. We have a full guide on how to prevent this to read up on, but in short a tool cupboard will keep your base standing while you go out into the wild world of Rust.

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