The Biggest Gaming News For October 26, 2022

Happy Wednesday, folks! We've got yet another big day of news to get through today, and it's been a great one for Witcher fans as CD Projekt Red has announced the first game in the series is getting a remake.

Aside from that, BioWare announced that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has hit a significant development milestone, while Naughty Dog's upcoming multiplayer title set in the world of The Last of Us looks like it'll probably be free to play. For all the details, read on.

The Witcher Remake Announced By CD Projekt Red

When you ask a Witcher fan which of the games in the series is their favorite, you'd be hard pressed finding someone who answers with the first one. The game is pretty rough by today's standards, but that's coming to an end as CD Projekt Red has announced that its getting a remake developed by Polish company Fool's Theory. Before you throw up your eyebrows, Fool's Theory is working with several veteran developers who had a direct hand in the development of the original game.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Has Completed Its Alpha Milestone

BioWare has been hard at work with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and it's paying off, as the developer announced that the game has just reached a significant development milestone. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has apparently just hit it's alpha milestone, meaning the game is now completely playable from start to finish. BioWare will now start to fine tune gameplay mechanics and focus on graphical fidelity, as the game takes a big step forward to release.

The Last Of Us' Factions Sequel Will Seemingly Be Free-To-Play

It looks like Sony and Naughty Dog are set to jump aboard the free to play bandwagon, as it appears that the upcoming multiplayer title set in the universe of The Last of Us will be completely free. While neither company have confirmed this, a recent job listing on the Naughty Dog website has revealed that the developer is looking for a "Live Ops Producer," ideally with experience supporting free to play titles.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Launches In March 2023

Team Ninja's upcoming soulslike Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has continued to impress ever since its reveal, and now the developer has revealed when we'll actually be able to get our hands on the title. Launching on March 3, 2023, Wo Long will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. We also found out that the game will have a Season Pass along with 3 DLC packs, although how substantial these packs are is unknown.

Overwatch 2's Halloween Event Comes Under Fire For Expensive Skins

Finally, it wouldn't be a news roundup without Blizzard upsetting Overwatch 2 players, as this time fans are pretty angry over the game's ongoing Halloween event. Not content to have a Battle Pass so bad that fans are wishing for loot boxes to return, Overwatch 2 is now asking players to cough up some pretty stupid amounts of cash for the game's Halloween skins. For example, Kiriko's new skin cost a ridiculous $26 which is apparently being sold at a 29 percent discount. How generous.

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