The Callisto Protocol’s Latest Update Has Drastically Sped-Up Healing Animations

The Callisto Protocol's healing is a little different from its spiritual predecessor Dead Space. You still have the health bar itself on Jacob Lee, but rather than tapping a button to quickly replenish it, you enter an animation where he crouches down, whips out a stim, and injects some feel-good-juice into his neck. It's slow, and makes it much more difficult to get a pick-me-up in combat. However, it has been updated.

It appears the animation has been sped up, essentially healing you faster. This was pointed out by Twitch streamer and YouTuber Suzi Hunter, accompanied by a clip of Jacob jabbing his neck. Given that it's sped up, it looks a little janky, like someone has hit the fast forward button on an emulator, but it's sure to make combat scenarios where you rush to the corner to try and get a quick heal easier.

But it goes beyond healing. Hunter followed up with another clip, showing that the weapon swapping animation has also been sped up so much that you can switch from your shotgun to assault rifle between the two-headed monster's attacks. Healing, meanwhile, is so fast now that you can do it during the final boss fight, making it a little less tedious.

To improve pace further, The Callisto Protocol now lets you skip those infamously long death scenes. They can vary from getting your head quickly smashed in to a long-winded beat down that's closer to a Mortal Kombat finisher than a survival horror death. Luckily, you don't have to watch them every time now.

The sped-up healing has been corroborated by several others on Twitter, something that has been asked for since launch, along with the quicker weapon swaps. Now, players are asking for a dedicated dodge button, just to make combat that little bit more intuitive.

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