The Forgotten City: Things To Do After You Beat The Game

The Forgotten City is a game that deals with time-traveling and trying to break an endless loop. After being saved by a mysterious woman named Karen, you’re sent to an abandoned temple to search for a man named Al Worth. What you find instead is a portal that takes you back thousands of years to a Roman city. Arriving in the city, you learn its few citizens are governed by a law called The Golden Rule. This law dictates that if just one person commits a sin, everyone is punished and turned into solid gold.

The Forgotten City features multiple endings, so the game truly encourages you to make your own decisions in how to solve the mystery and break the loop. While The Forgotten City can be completed in practically one sitting, there are some replayable features in the game. Let’s take a look at the things you can do after you beat the game.

The following list contains entries that have major spoilers regarding the game's story. Only continue reading this post if you've finished The Forgotten City.

4 Make Different Character Choices

When the game begins, you have to create your character. The character creation isn’t anything strenuous, just simply selecting a skin tone, body type, and name. But the somewhat important decision is what backstory you have. There are four backstory options: Archeologist, Soldier, Fugitive, and Amnesiac. For your first playthrough, it’s recommended that you select Archeologist. Having this backstory opens up additional dialogue options with various characters and gives you the ability to read ancient Latin.

Replaying the game choosing the other options can provide slightly different playthroughs, but honestly, it won’t be that substantial. Being a Soldier rewards you with a gun with ten bullets, but there’s no way to find more ammunition. Plus, you end up with a bow and arrow in the game quite early on, so having another weapon is overkill (pun intended). Choosing Fugitive gives you a 25 percent boost in speed, but again, this is not really necessary because you run well enough to keep out of harm’s way. Given that the only way to get hurt in the game is by the golden statues running back to the portal, Fugitive and Amnesiac – which increases damage resilience – aren’t that helpful.

3 Unlock Achievements And Trophies

If you’re an achievement or trophy aficionado, The Forgotten City offers easy to earn achievements and trophies. There are a total of 40 achievements to earn in the game. You’ll have to play the game multiple times to unlock certain ones that can only be completed for specific endings, but they’re overall simple enough. Because the game itself isn’t very long, playing through it multiple times shouldn’t take too much time, either.

There are a handful of secret achievements that don’t tell you how to earn them, but if you play the game in creative ways, it’s a good bet that you will unlock them naturally. However, if time is of the essence, pursue this breakdown of each achievement and how to unlock them.

2 Multiple Endings

The Forgotten City is a unique adventure that offers four different conclusions. While there are multiple endings, there is, in fact, a specific canonical ending that acts as the one true ending. After you reach one of the four conclusions, you can reload your game file and work toward unlocking the other endings, instead of having to completely restart the game. However, we do advise having multiple saves at key points in the game since some decisions you'll need to make differently.

It’s highly encouraged to experience each of the endings because they offer an assortment of compelling dialogue and insights that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Just how Shrek described ogres as onions because of layers, The Forgotten City also has layers, and experiencing each of the four endings peels back one layer at a time to reveal a fascinating tale.

1 Speed Runs

So, you’ve witnessed all four endings, unlocked all the achievements, and even tried using the Amnesiac character class. What’s left now? Speed runs. For those who may not know, speed runs are playthroughs that emphasize, well, speed. Trying to finish a game as quickly as possible and The Forgotten City is a perfect candidate.

Currently, the longest recorded speed run for an ending in the game is under eight minutes. Certain endings will take longer than others, but trying your hand at speed runs can be a thrilling experience. At the very least, saying you completed a game under ten minutes is a nice notch to have under your gaming belt.

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