The Invisible Hours Brings Its VR Murder Mystery Drama To Quest 'Soon'

While things might seem to go slowly on the new release front for Oculus Quest a lot of the time, that hasn’t been the case lately. There’s a slew of big titles dropping very soon and now we can add murder mystery drama The Invisible Hours from Tequila Works to that list.

The game’s developer, Tequila Works, announced it’s “coming soon” to Oculus Quest over on Twitter:

Truth is a matter of perspective.

⌚️THE INVISIBLE HOURS, coming soon to Oculus Quest?

Happy birthday #NikolaTesla! @OculusGaming @TequilaWorks

— The Invisible Hours ? (@HoursInvisible) July 10, 2020

The premise in The Invisible Hours is essentially like one giant murder mystery party is playing out before you and as an outside observer you have to piece together the pieces to solve the murder of one Nikola Tesla.

Rather than actually “doing” a lot in The Invisible Hours, you spend most of your time observing and searching for clues while you browse environments and listen to conversations. The characters, world building, and performances are the cornerstones here — and being able to explore more freely on the wireless Oculus Quest will be a great boon to immersion.

In his original review from 2017, Jamie from UploadVR wrote the following before awarding it a 9 out of 10 on our previous review scale:

“The Invisible Hours is unlike anything else you’ll play or watch in VR this year; a genuinely enthralling murder mystery boldly told in an entirely new way. Its character-driven drama is near faultless not just in the dialogue and plotting but also in the superb staging and pacing that brings the world to life. It’s an experiment that pays off in spades and could well provide a template for VR storytelling to come.”

That’s pretty high praise.

Stay tuned to UploadVR for more news on upcoming Oculus Quest games like The Invisible Hours. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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