The Last Of Us Part 2 Modder Is Debunking Some Of The Game’s Strangest Myths

The Last of Us Part 2 has plenty of quite clearly scripted moments that appear as though the player can dictate the outcome. One of the most infamous is the bridge scene where Abby is being gunned down by Joel's brother Tommy, leading to a chase sequence that has Tommy ever so slightly out of reach at all times. The nature of this scene had players thinking you could actually catch and kill Tommy, but now one modder has a definitive answer.

First shared by Kotaku, modder Speclizer has been using tools to debunk some of the game's strangest myths, including the one mentioned above. As can be seen in their most recent video, Speclizer moves Abby to right behind Tommy and begins peppering him with bullets to no avail. Abby then throws a few punches that also have no affect and then throws a few pipe bombs which Tommy also shrugs off pretty well.

Another of these sequences which has players believing a different outcome could be possible is during one of the final scenes in the game – heavy spoiler warning for The Last of Us Part 2 from this point on. During the scene in which Abby and Ellie are having a bare-knuckle brawl in the ocean, some players have questioned whether it's possible to actually kill Abby. After riddling her with bullets, whacking her upside the head with a wrench, and burying an axe in her chest a few times, Speclizer has discovered pretty conclusively that no, you can not.

One of the funnier parts of the video is when Speclizer attempts to kill Whitney – the girl with the PS Vita – before Ellie grabs her. Turns out, you actually can, although progressing in the story leads to Ellie holding a floating PS Vita at knifepoint before claiming "That was dumb." Ellie, I completely agree.

The video is full of weird myths and questions that Speclizer has managed to answer, so be sure to check out the video on their YouTube channel and perhaps ask what you'd like to see next as Speclizer mentions that they'd like to make it a series.

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