The Legend Of Zelda And Pokemon Emerald Get Remade As Roguelikes

The Legend of Zelda and the much maligned Pokemon Emerald have just been remade as roguelikes by a couple of dedicated modders. Players are now able to experience both games with procedurally generated levels and items along with increasingly difficult enemies and of course permadeath. In other words, all the hallmarks of a roguelike, a genre largely defined by the highly influential game Rogue, released back in 1980. These games have picked up several other influences over the years including Spelunky, Slay the Spire, and the recent hit Hades.

While this version of Pokemon Emerald has in fact been available since August, The Legend of Zelda recently received the same treatment, becoming the latest in a growing line of such projects. "Ever wondered what Pokemon might look like as a roguelike," the person behind Pokemon Emerald Rogue, Pokabbie, ponders in the official description. "Pokemon Emerald Rogue is my take on it!"

"Venture through a randomized, ever changing dungeon with progressive difficulty the further you go," the developer behind The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Dungeon, Arnpoly, explains about the game. "Collect classic items and upgrades, and battle familiar foes throughout your journey. Every playthrough is different. Ganon is lurking deep within the dungeon, but beware for if you perish, you’ll have to start all over from the beginning. Are you up to the challenge?"

Pokemon Emerald Rogue features randomized encounters that eventually culminate in players competing against a series of similarly randomized gym leaders. Players complete a run by defeating the champion. When either this or death occurs, players return to a central hub where they can purchase items along with a variety of different services.

The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Dungeon works on the same principle as Pokemon Emerald Rogue, featuring procedurally generated dungeons, items, and enemies. "Only the most intrepid explorers will uncover further mysteries the Ancient Dungeon has to offer," Arnpoly notes in the official description.

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