The Medium: Where To Find All Postcards

For those experiencing the thrill of jump scares and looking at the world from the other side in The Medium, there are a number of collectibles that you can pick up or examine while you are playing that deepen the storyline, as well as earn you various achievements.

One of the available collectibles are postcards written by the Groundskeeper Frank that are scattered throughout Niwa, of which there are 11 in total. Finding your first one will earn you the “From Niwa with Love” accolade while finding all 11 in a single playthrough will earn you “All That’s Left Unsaid”. We’ve got a complete guide about where to find each one just below.

Postcard #1: Niwa Says Hello

Your very first postcard is an easy find early on in the game. Once you arrive at the closed gate into Niwa, there is a gate guard’s office just on the left. Head inside and you’ll notice the postcard in a suitcase on the floor.

Postcard #2: Honest Work

Once you finally reach the Niwa Hotel, stay outside of the main building and venture to the left of the entrance. You will eventually come across an abandoned red car, look inside and you will see the next postcard waiting for you.

Postcard #3: Promotion

Once inside of the Niwa Hotel lobby, go up the small steps on your immediate left and continue forwards past the elevators. Take the first right after you have passed the elevators and you will see a small table with the next postcard atop of it.

Postcard #4: Someday

Later on in the game, once you have made your way to the pool, you’ll find the locker room area just to the side of the swimming pool. Move towards the window area on the right, past the bathtub, and you’ll find a box on the right of the screen. Look inside to grab your next postcard.

While you are finding a way into the Dayroom, you will be tasked with saving the souls of other victims. During this, there will come a point where you enter a new room through a mirror on the other side, and then have to pick up a key next to a trash can to open the door on the right within the same room.

Once you go through the door that you’ve just unlocked, turn right (head left on the screen as the camera is facing Marianne), and in the corner is another trashcan where you can find your next postcard.

Postcard #6: Won’t Stop

After experiencing Thomas’s memories for the first time, you will be able to travel outside once more. When you are in the courtyard area, head to the left at the intersection to find yourself on the screen above with the large tree. Your next postcard will be found on the bench on the right-hand side of the screen.

Postcard #7: Poor Thing

You will eventually come to a lookout point with a telescope just in front of you. To the right of the telescope is a bench with your next postcard on it.

Postcard #8: Harder and Harder

As you are traveling down the nature path, you will come to a fork in the path with a signpost in the middle. Take the left path here and you will come across your next postcard on a bench shortly afterward.

Postcard #9: Whispers in the Dark

After you have met the dog, you will come to another fork in the path with a signpost. The dog wants you to follow it up the left path, but for now, take the right path. You will find the next postcard hidden at the very back of this area, on a bench to the left of you. You can then return to resume following the dog.

Postcard #10: A New Companion

Once the dog has led you to the campsite, you will find your second-to-last postcard on a bench beside where the dog is sitting next to the campfire.

Postcard #11: Regrets

Your last postcard is not far from the previous one. Simply interact with the tent to look inside and you will see the postcard lying there. Examine it to collect it and unlock the “All That’s Left Unsaid” achievement.

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