The PS5 Has Already Outsold The Wii U And PlayStation Vita In The UK

Despite massive shortages caused by the pandemic, the PS5 has still managed to sell more than the Wii U, PlayStation Vita, and Sega Dreamcast in their respective lifetimes in the UK.

This news comes from Christopher Dring – head of – who shared the latest PlayStation console’s milestone on Twitter earlier today.  In a very simple statement, Dring claims that the PS5 has outsold all of the aforementioned consoles in the UK. This isn’t surprising considering the PS5 is actually Sony’s most successful ever console launch, shipping a whopping 3.5 million units in just four weeks.

Whilst the numbers for UK sales are still up for debate, VGChartz recently claimed that worldwide sales of the PS5 are up to 6.8 million units. It’s also worth noting that it wouldn’t have taken much for Sony to quickly beat these consoles in terms of sales numbers since all three are regarded as failures for their respective companies.

None of the consoles mentioned by Dring were particularly popular in the UK, and the Dreamcast’s failure ended up causing Sega to drop out of the hardware market altogether. Even Sony themselves consider the PlayStation Vita to be one of the company’s least successful hardware ventures, despite the system’s cult popularity. This is made more evident with the recent news that Sony is closing the PlayStation Vita store in August.

However, the fact that Sony has managed to keep pace with last-gen systems and reveal such large sales numbers despite the pandemic and global shortages is very impressive. It’s very clear that both the Xbox Series X|S and the PS5 are massively popular pieces of tech right now, something which scalpers have been taking advantage of since both consoles released last year.

Hopefully, now that people are getting vaccinated and society is slowly returning to normal, production on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will start to increase. Those of you who are still waiting to get your hands on one of these elusive next-gen consoles will likely have an easier time of it over the coming year.

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