The Quarry’s Wolf Pack Multiplayer Mode Is Out Now

The Quarry's long-awaited online multiplayer has been added to the game, letting you invite up to seven friends to vote on key decisions. With your group, you can shape the story together like an interactive movie night.

This feature is called the "Wolf Pack" and was first delayed due to Russia invading Ukraine. Developer Supermassive Games had to move its server from Kyiv to Warsaw to get its people out of Ukraine. It then had to test functionality again to make sure that everything was working as intended. Now that process is finished, so you can call your buds and watch this '80s-styled horror unfold together.

While everyone will be able to vote over key narrative decisions, the host still controls the characters. Everyone else will watch as they move around, investigating areas and picking up clues. That much stays unchanged. There are no new trophies tied to this update but it should keep things a little less lonely for the hunters out there going for 100 percent.

However, there's no cross-platform or cross-generation play. If you're on Xbox Series X, you can't play with others on PlayStation 5 or Xbox One. But if you purchased the Deluxe Edition, you'll have access to last-gen and current-gen versions of The Quarry, so you can play with last-gen players by loading up the right version.

In other news, Supermassive Games has revealed the first trailer for its upcoming Dark Pictures sequel The Devil in Me. It shows Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley in a Saw-inspired hotel full of traps torture chambers, set to launch later this year. If you're itching for something like The Quarry, this should be right up your alley.

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