The Rock Was Seemingly Meant To Voice His Black Adam MultiVersus Skin

MultiVersus dataminers have found deleted text in the game's files that imply that Dwayne Johnson was originally going to voice his Black Adam skin.

Back when Black Adam was first added to MultiVersus in October, many were surprised to see that he was based on the version of the character seen in the comics, instead of the DCEU version who is played by The Rock. Those who were hoping for that version to come to MultiVersus got their wish yesterday with the addition of the Man In Black skin.

Although the skin closely resembles The Rock's appearance in Black Adam, he's not actually voiced by him and is instead played by an impersonator. That's not too surprising considering LeBron James also doesn't voice his character in MultiVersus, but it seems as if The Rock was originally going to lend his voice to the character.

As reported by reliable MultiVersus dataminer LaisulMV, old placeholder texts were left in the game's files that mention The Rock being involved with the Black Adam skin, with one saying "The Rock is here", instead of "The Man In Black is Here". Another deleted bit of text reads, "Play as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in the role of Black Adam today!".

It's not clear when this placeholder text was removed from the game, but it does seem to confirm that The Rock was initially supposed to voice the skin, instead of someone else impersonating his voice. Having The Rock join and leave the project would also explain why the Black Adam skin is releasing so far after the movie came out, as Player First would have had to find someone else to do the skin's voice.

There are a few solid guesses as to why Dwayne Johnson didn't end up voicing the skin. The first is that Black Adam massively underperformed at the box office, despite having a big star like The Rock attached and hyping it up for several years. Another good guess is that Johnson is staying away from the role after a recent report suggested that he leaked inaccurate sales figures for Black Adam to drum up hype.

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